John Cena Caught On A Date With New Mystery Girl In Vancouver (PHOTO)

John Cena spotted on date with mystery brunette in Canada.
John Cena Caught On A Date With New Mystery Girl In Vancouver (PHOTO)
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It wasn't too long ago that our favourite couple, John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up. When the news was released, Cena quickly declared his love for her while he was live on the air on the Today show and fans across the world swooned at his romantic gesture. Almost a year later, it looks like the wrestling star has completely moved on because John Cena was caught on a date with a new mystery girl in Vancouver

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Yep, it looks like Cena and Bella is old news because last night he was spotted on a date with a new mystery brunette that's definitely not Nikki. TMZ photographers caught John Cena on a date with an extremely happy and beautiful girl who's not known to the public. 

It looks like Cena and the mystery girl were strolling the streets of Downtown Vancouver when they were caught by photographers. In the photo, you can see that Cena definitely put some effort into his look. His hair is styled to the side and he's wearing a date-worthy outfit.

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His date was sporting a leather jacket and matching pants. One thing is for sure, the two of them had gigantic smiles on their faces. It's no doubt to us that this was definitely a date. 

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If you didn't already know, Cena is a huge fan of Canada and Vancouver, in particular. 

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Cena has been filming his new project, "Playing with Fire" in the Vancouver area and has been shouting out the Canadian city in many of his Instagram posts. 

Over the weekend, Cena was spotted with hilarious comedian Keegan-Michael Key and Pitch Perfect's Skylar Astin at a newly opened Vancouver steakhouse, Elisa. The star-studded group posed for a photo at the Yaletown restaurant that was shared on Instagram by Astin. 

Almost a month ago, Cena went to another iconic Vancouver restaurant, Joe Fortes, and took photos with the staff. He even posted a video where he spoke in Mandarin and explained how much he loved the food and that it was his favourite place to eat in the entire country.

We'll likely see more of Cena around town while he continues to film "Playing With Fire". 

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