John Cena Declares His Love For Canadian Food In This Adorable New Instagram Video

John Cena declares love Joe Fortes restaurant in Vancouver, BC in new Instagram video.
John Cena Declares His Love For Canadian Food In This Adorable New Instagram Video

John Cena has been showing off his love for Canada lately and we're definitely not complaining. The WWE wrestler, actor, and comedian shared his love for Canada and our food recently and people are so here for it. John Cena declared his love for Canadian food in an adorable new video that was posted on Instagram yesterday

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The video was uploaded to Instagram on February 24. In the video, John Cena shares which restaurant is his favourite in all of Canada and goes on to explain just why he loves it so much. The wrestler even flexed his Mandarin speaking skills in the video when describing his favourite spot to eat in Canada – yes, John Cena actually speaks Mandarin.

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So who's the lucky restaurant winner of John Cena's heart? That spot would go to Joe Fortes, which is a popular steak and seafood restaurant located in Vancouver, BC. In the video, he revealed that this BC restaurant is his favourite in the entire country. 

Check out the full video from John Cena below that was posted on Instagram. The entire video is pretty much dedicated to Joe Fortes. 

In the video, John Cena starts off by explaining (in Mandarin) that it's the weekend and he has some free time. In the video, he's seen walking down Thurlow Street in downtown Vancouver. He then says that he's going to his favourite restaurant in Canada, and starts talking about Joe Fortes restaurant.

He says that Joe Fortes reminds him of Gary's Kitchen in Yinchuan, which is a city in China. The wrestler and actor lived in Yinchuan just last year for several months, while he was shooting a movie with Jackie Chan, according to Wrestling Inc

In the video, Cena praises restaurant Joe Fortes for being an old-style restaurant with very good food. The video ends with him standing outside the well-known restaurant. 

John Cena has been spotted at Joe Fortes more than once before. 

Joe Fortes is located in downtown Vancouver at 777 Thurlow St. The restaurant has been open for over 29 years and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. You can find out more information about the restaurant on their website

John Cena has been in Vancouver recently to shoot for his new film Playing with Fire. So keep your eyes peeled around town for this Vancouver wrestler, especially if you hit up Joe Fortes. 

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