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Trudeau Was Spotted In Grocery Stores & Fast-Food Restaurants In Metro Vancouver (PHOTOS)

A normal trip to the grocery store resulted in a selfie with the Prime Minister.
Trudeau Was Spotted In Grocery Stores & Fast-Food Restaurants In Metro Vancouver (PHOTOS)

The Prime Minister is in Vancouver and he’s making some unlikely stops at burger points and grocery stores across the area. Justin Trudeau was spotted around Metro Vancouver and naturally, he's been captured posing in tons of selfies with locals. He’s been seen handing out treats at a supermarket, grabbing lunch at White Spot, and doing a little big of Prime Minister business, as well.

According to Vancouver Courier, Trudeau is in the city for a meeting with BC Hydro in Surrey which happened yesterday and a meeting with Mayor Kennedy Steward at city hall this morning.

Yesterday, Trudeau made an unexpected appearance at T&T, an Asian Supermarket in Richmond. He was photographed in the location on the social media accounts of local shoppers.

He spent his time there handing out mooncakes to customers and taking photos with excited Vancouverites. No one anticipated his arrival, and people didn't know what to do with themselves

Justin Trudeau was also seen at a White Spot restaurant in the Lower Mainland. The famous B.C. restaurant is truly a local gem, so it's exciting to see Trudeau embracing one of the oldest restaurant chains in the area.

His Instagram stories gave an energetic shout out to the restaurant chain, saying they have “the best burgers and even better company!” The photos show him grabbing his take-out bags and giving high-fives to people dining in the restaurant.

[rebelmouse-image 25945885 photo_credit="Justin Trudea | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="628x1112"]

Justin Trudeau had stopped at BC Hydro’s training center earlier in the day yesterday where he had announced a new committee to increase the use of electric power in the natural gas industry, according to his Instagram.

Trudeau documented his announcement in an Instagram post saying that “Together, we’re working to support infrastructure that supports clean energy, creates good middle-class jobs & builds greener communities.” The photograph shows him engaging in a smiley handshake with another man. His post also shouts out John Horgan, the Premier of British Columbia.

The Prime Minister made a similar comment on Twitter, where he discussed trusting and investing in Canadians and a better futures “for our kids & grandkids.” 

We can't confirm that he's still in Vancouver, but if he is, you should probably go to the least-flashy location you can think of if you're hoping to bump into him.

While Trudeau was popping up around the city, countless Metro Vancouver residents were over the moon to spot our Prime Minister. 

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