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Kidnapped Dog Finally Reunited With Canadian Owner After He Was Stolen From His Yard (VIDEO)

Kidnapped dog has finally been reunited with his Canadian owner after being stolen from his own backyard.

It has been an eventful week for this poor Canadian dog. On Saturday night, a beloved family dog was stolen from his property in Kelowna, BC. In order to catch the person responsible, the RCMP and hundreds of community members rallied together to find the stolen puppy.

Thank goodness this is a success story! Atlas, the now found golden retriever, has finally been reunited with his Canadian owner after being stolen from his own backyard. A video of the owner and Atlas being reunited has since been posted on Facebook and it is incredibly wholesome. 

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On Saturday night, Taylor Galt was devastated to find out his dog Atlas was kidnapped from his own yard in Kelowna, BC. The incident took place near the Mission neighbourhood, not far from the hospital. In order to attempt to find Atlas, a fellow Good Samaritan posted about the stolen dog online and it quickly went viral. 

With many people heartbroken about the news, the community rallied together to find the dog. Kelowna RCMP also got involved with the investigation and released a video of the 18-month-old dog being lured away by a female suspect.

"Police were told that at approximately 7:34 pm, the female suspect seemingly opened a gate to the property and called the Golden Retriever out of the yard," reads the news release from the RCMP. "The dog named Atlas then followed the woman, who ran on foot towards Birch Avenue.”

With the help of the community and local law enforcement, Atlas has been found and returned home! According to a Facebook post by Atlas’ owner, the enthusiastic puppy was found and returned home yesterday afternoon. 

A video has been uploaded of the reunion between Taylor and Atlas and it's incredibly wholesome. In the video, you can see Atlas jolt out of the RCMP vehicle and head straight for his owner. 

Don’t let the cries fool you. The 18-month-old dog is just too excited to contain himself! “This is everything we hoped for,” says the over-joyed camera person. 

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After being greeted with some belly rubs, the pup calms down and you can practically see the smile on his face! 

In a public Facebook post, Taylor thanks everyone for the over 200,000 shares the original post received. “Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sent myself and my family kinds and helpful messages, and possible tips, you kept our spirits up in one of the most upsetting times of our lives. I hope this brings light to how amazing the social media world can be to spread light on something that needs exposure. Being reunited with Atlas is the best feeling ever.”

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According to the post, three key people were responsible for finding Atlas and returning him home. Being a man of his word, Taylor will ensure that those responsible for finding Atlas will receive a monetary reward of $5,000. 

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At this time, it is unclear how the stolen dog ended up in police custody and if the person responsible has been found.