Your favourite Riverdale redhead is hanging out in Vancouver and lucky fans got the opportunity to meet him last night. KJ Apa went to A&W and got recognized by the cashiers who served him. Of course, the most exciting part of meeting a celebrity is getting the chance to take an iconic photo with them and that's exactly what his fans did. KJ Apa in Vancouver will get you excited if you're a Riverdale fan who lives in the area. 

Apa posted the photo on his Instagram which shows him taking a selfie on one of the fans' phones. He's sitting on the service counter while the three girls are huddled up behind him smiling and looking pretty happy with their night shift surprise. In the caption, Apa wrote, "man of the people", which is a pretty accurate statement considering he made those girls' night.

The Archie Comics account even commented, "the word 'legend' gets used a lot but it's always appropriate for you" which got a bunch of likes showing agreement. And Apa's Riverdale co-star, Lili Reinhart wrote "Did u get free chicken nuggs" which is, of course, the most important question of the night. 

Apa didn't post the actual selfie he took, but at least we know it's safe in one of the three girls' phones and was definitely sent to every single person they know.

Apa lives in Vancouver while filming for Riverdale season four continues. According to What'sFilming, production for this season started in July and will go until April. Season four started airing episodes on October 9. 

All four seasons of Riverdale have been filmed in Vancouver so the cast is very familiar with the Canadian city. Apa plays the lead character, Archie Andrews, and Reinhart plays Betty Cooper. 

If you live in the Vancouver area, keep your eyes open for other cast members including Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, or Charles Melton.

Hanging around fast-food restaurants at night is probably a good place to run into the stars after late-night shoots too. 

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