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Leafs & Canucks Fans Couldn’t Stop Shouting Over Each Other At Last Night’s Game (VIDEO)

Leafs fans practically took over the Vancouver arena on Tuesday.
Leafs & Canucks Fans Couldn’t Stop Shouting Over Each Other At Last Night’s Game (VIDEO)

On December 10, the Canucks took on the Maple Leafs at Vancouver's Rogers Arena. As always, the game was intense,  but equally as intense was the ongoing feud in the stands. Toronto fans showed up in huge numbers to the Leafs vs. Canucks game on Tuesday. So many, in fact, that “Go Leafs Go” was all you could hear.

The Leafs beat Vancouver at the Rogers Arena with a score of 4-1. While home games usually bring out local fans, it seems as though there was an overwhelming majority of people cheering for the Leafs. 

In one video from Tuesday's game, it's clear that the classic Toronto hockey chant drowned out cheers from Canucks fans.

In the video, the person with the camera is positioned right behind the Vancouver Cancuks goalie, who may or may not have been distracted by “Go Leafs Go” reverberating through the arena. 

Viewers definitely took notice of the overwhelming presence of blue and white-clad fans in Rogers Arena and wasted no time trolling Vancouver about it on social media. Even the Canucks themselves chimed in about it on Twitter. 

Toronto fans have taken to Twitter to showcase how proud they are of their fellow Leafs supporters. 

One person even said that Vancouver fans would be hearing “Go Leafs Go” in their dreams. 

However, not everyone was into it. One person was particularly sour, telling Leafs fans to "go home".

Others aren't taking any sides and just want all of us hockey fans to get along. 

The Canucks made a pretty hilarious observation about the whole situation on Twitter. 

Just because there seemed to be more Leafs fans than Canucks fans at last night's game, that doesn’t mean Vancouver's NHL team doesn't get love.

Recently, Bill Murray made an appearance at a Canucks game. He even went into the dressing room and gave the team advice. 

In case you need more reason to love the team, just a few days ago Jay Beagle surprised a bunch of Downtown Eastside kids with a street hockey game. 

Maybe next game, we can all cheer a little bit louder for Vancouver. 

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