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The Canada Line Is Experiencing Seriously Long Delays This Morning And Vancouverites Are Furious

Stalled train on Canada line creates frustrating morning for Vancouver commuters.

As if the morning commute wasn’t hectic enough, Translink has confirmed that a stalled train on the Canada Line route is causing major delays. This stalled train is now causing major delays to YVR airport in Vancouver and locals are seriously frustrated by the transit company's response. TransLink is warning the public that delays should be expected, so be prepared for the worst. 

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On Wednesday morning, TransLink tweeted out that there was a stalled train. This stalled train has caused a large number of morning delays to YVR. TransLink has stated that service between Bridgeport to YVR and Richmond-Brighouse is being impacted and people are being asked to prepare for delays. 

In order to get things moving smoothly again, a bus bridge has been put in place between Oakridge-41st Avenue and Bridgeport Station. Passengers will need to transfer to a bus at Marine, Langara, and Oakridge Station in order to make it to the airport. 

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Due to these delays and transfers, higher than normal passenger volume is expected. People have already started to tweet out what the passenger lines look like. According to the pictures, there are large amounts of people in the station. Between people trying to get to work and people trying to get to the airport, everything looks chaotic. 

#SkyTrain Canada Line Update: Bus Bridge is in place between Oakridge-41 Ave Stn & Bridgeport Stn. Passengers will need to transfer to a bus at Marine, Langara, & Oakridge Stations. Train service is running between Bridgeport/Brighouse & Bridgeport/YVR & Oakridge & Waterfront.^DA

March 27, 2019

Public transit is already annoying enough as it is. Many people are now using this delay as an opportunity to come down hard on TransLink BC. People are seriously angry that delays like this could happen and that the response time could be so slow. 

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A train loaded to the gills just pulled up #YVR bound at City Centre. It’ll go as far as Marine Drive and then passengers will have to switch to a shuttle train #vancouver pic.twitter.com/NyKb3yg6Vh

March 27, 2019

Long delays currently at Bridgeport. We have a bus bridge going from Bay 1 to Marine Dr. Shuttle trains are also going to YVR@TransitPolice are helping with some of the crowds pic.twitter.com/PXubte8EXH

March 27, 2019

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Firstly, people are mad that the transit company is giving them a straight answer. Many people have been tweeting TransLink BC asking them questions about where they should be going. While TransLink BC is responding to most, some people do not think it is fast enough. 

Via Screen Grab TranksLink BC Twitter

A majority of people are angry that these delays happen way more often than they should. This has caused many people to be late for their jobs. 

Via Screen Grab TransLink BC Twitter

Others have tweeted out that there are currently no other modes of transportation for people to take because of the delay. One Twitter user has said that he and a “2,000 person line” are waiting for buses that are not coming. 

Via Screen Grab TransLink BC Twitter

A large number of people are upset that TransLink does not help passengers when delays like this happen. Many people are calling out TransLink BC and saying that they have been waiting for the buses for over 30 minutes. Others are concerned that there is no one directing the flow of passengers and everyone is confused about where to go. Thus, making everything more chaotic. 

Via Screen Grab TransLink BC Twitter

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Via Screen Grab TransLink BC Twitter

While a delay because of technical difficulty is nothing new, it has brought to light many issues regarding public transit. Many people have been left wondering how a large operation such as TransLink BC could not be prepared for situations like this. 

We're doing our best to answer as many of your tweets as possible. The volume of tweets we’re receiving is higher than usual, so there may be delays in our responses. Please see #SkyTrain for full details on service disruption affecting the Canada & Expo Line. Thank you. ^DA

March 27, 2019