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Vancouver Is The Only Canadian City To Make Lonely Planet's New Top 10 Travel List

Vancouver makes the list along with some seriously amazing cities.
Vancouver Is The Only Canadian City To Make Lonely Planet's New Top 10 Travel List

If you live in Vancouver or have ever visited, you're aware that it's a pretty remarkable place. If we're talking about the landscape alone, you get a view of mountains, ocean, and a cityscape when you look over the city. This, among other things, is why Vancouver made the Lonely Planet Top 10 Cities to Travel to in 2020 list. As per usual, Vancouverites can feel proud of their beautiful city.

Lonely Planet's list of the top cities to travel to in 2020 can offer Canadians both a sense of pride in our country and a source for travel inspiration. If you're a fan of exploring unique and beautiful cities around the world, you might as well add these 10 to your bucket list.

Lonely Planet describes Vancity as a “natural playground”. The description speaks to the city's vast green space, ocean waters, “forest-clad mountaintops of the North Shore,” urban sustainability, and more. Beyond the terrain, they give a shout-out to Vancouver transit and the city’s cycling and walking network. 

Now that Vancouver's tires are sufficiently pumped, you're probably wondering what other glorious cities made the cut. At the top of the list is Salzburg, Austria. Followed by Washington D.C., U.S.A., Cairo, Egypt, Galway, Ireland, Bonn, Germany, La Paz, Bolivia, Kochi, India, Dubai, U.A.E, and Denver, U.S.A. Among these cities, Vancouver ranked at number eight. 

Though each of the cities listed is amazing in its own right, they are completely different from one another. Therefore, there's definitely something for everyone who's looking to plan a trip. The list isn't just created to highlight specific places you need to see in the world at some point in your life, it's truly a list of places you should go in 2020.

For example, Washington will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote. Many museums in the city will have special exhibits in celebration. Over in Salzburg, the Salzburg Festival is turning 100 this year. The festival is a world-renowned classical music celebration that will be in its biggest form in 2020.

As the weather begins to shift in Canada, many of us are being bit by the travel bug, and you know what, you deserve a vacation. Take a look at your schedule and your bank account and pick your next urban adventure.

You don't want to miss out on these history-making moments in some of the greatest places on earth. If you're a fan of travelling to new cities, you can forget about Googling where to go, you've got your answer. First stop, Vancouver.

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