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A Ferry Completely Froze Because It's So Cold In BC And The Photos Are Insane

BC Ferry covered in ice after freezing temperatures in Bella Coola.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or living under a pile of blankets, you probably already know how crazy cold it has been in BC. The past couple of days have been so chilly that Environment Canada has released several warnings to several BC cities about the unseasonably cold weather. But at least we aren’t alone in this and we can find comfort knowing that the entire province is experiencing this cold front. In fact, it has been so cold that a BC ferry that was on its way to Bella Coola this past weekend completely froze over from head to toe in sheets of thick ice!

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Todd Nickless, a BC Ferries employee, posted a bunch of pictures of the frozen ferry on Facebook to really emphasize how cold it is in BC! According to the public Facebook post, Nickless and the “Mighty Nimpkish” ferry were sailing from Bella Bella to Bella Coola over the weekend when the boat became completely frozen.

According to an interview conducted by Surrey Now-Leader, the boat began to freeze over just three hours out of Bella Bella. By the time the boat docked in Bella Coola, Nickless and his coworkers were scraping ice off the windshield so the captain could see. 

After safely getting the boat docked, Nickless and his coworkers took pictures of the ice village that became of the ferry. Shortly after, Nickless posted the pictures on Facebook, which now have over 600 shares accompanied by people freaking out in the comments. 

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According to Environment Canada, the Bella Bella area is so cold that it broke records for having the coldest February 3 in history! The new record, set just two days ago, is the coldest February 3rd in history sitting at -12.9C. The old record was set in 1989 with -12.4C. 

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On Saturday, Bella Coola hit temperatures as lows -17.5C and was accompanied by strong wind gusts. It’s really no surprise that even the boats were freezing over!