Lululemon Is Hiring So Many Remote Jobs In BC & These 6 Don't Require A Degree

It's time to dust off that resume!

​Lululemon storefront and logo.
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Lululemon storefront and logo.

If you've been on the hunt for a remote job and love Lululemon — you are in luck!

The super popular brand is hiring a bunch of remote positions right now and some don't even require a degree to land the role.

Plus, the company has some pretty sweet benefits to offer employees, like a monthly allowance to put toward health goals and employee discounts.

If that sounds like a dream come true, get out your resume and start applying to these open positions!

Remote Benefits Specialist

Who Should Apply: If you already have some previous HR experience, then this role might be a fit for you. It requires you to work with Lululemon's People & Culture team and handle employee compensation, benefits, retirement program and wellness programs.

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Talent Manager (Recruiter)

Who Should Apply: With this job, you will get to remotely look for great people to work for Lululemon with you. If you have an eye for spotting a good employee and some previous recruitment experience, go ahead and apply for this job ASAP.

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Agile Program Manager – Digital Experience Engineering

Who Should Apply: This role will get to work closely with engineers at Lululemon, and help lead teams. Plus, it is in charge of developing the Lululemon digital experience for customers.

Although no degree is required, some previous experience handling project budgets, managing remote teams and other qualifications are necessary for this job.

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Program Manager, Portfolio Management –- Product Distribution Technology

Who Should Apply: If you have previous experience in the technology field and love to work in teams, it might be worth applying for this job. The person filling this position will be responsible for overseeing different teams, so you will need to have seriously good leadership skills.

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In-Store Experience Program Lead

Who Should Apply: If you are a natural leader and have some previous experience in management, this job might be a fit for you. This position will require you to support Lululemon retail stores organization, all while staying remote.

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Technology Manager – Global Fulfillment Technology, Trade Systems

Who Should Apply: If you are super well organized, this position might be a great fit. With this job, you will work with the Trade Systems team to develop strategic plans for Lululemon.

If you think you're up to the task of planning and organizing for Lululemon, apply!

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