Lululemon Is Hiring For So Many Jobs In Vancouver & They'll Pay For Your Workout Class

There are even more perks too! 🏃

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​A person jumping in front of balloons dressed in Lululemon. Right: People in front of a Lululemon sign.

A person jumping in front of balloons dressed in Lululemon. Right: People in front of a Lululemon sign.

If you're on the job hunt in Vancouver, B.C. right now and love Lululemon — you're in luck!

The iconic brand is hiring for a bunch of roles in the city right now and is offering some pretty sweet benefits. If you land a job at Lululemon you'll get workout classes paid for — leaving you with no excuse to skip the gym, unfortunately.

Lululemon has what they call a "Sweaty Pursuits program" which allows every employee to get a monthly allowance to put towards fitness and health goals, according to their website.

Plus, they have some other amazing benefits too — like employee assistance programs, mental health support, parenthood paid leave and long-term savings plans.

Here is a list of some super exciting jobs with Lululemon in Vancouver that will pay you to sweat!

Design Assistant

Who Should Apply: This job will give you the freedom to get creative and help out with designing all Lululemon clothes. You can be the Lululemon fashion designer, getting all the latest trends out there.

Who knows, maybe you'll even see another person rocking your design in your next workout class?

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Brand Coordinator

Who Should Apply: Organization wizards will be a great fit for this role. You will get to organize and coordinate campaigns for Lululemon and help make that magic happen.

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Design Manager: Accessories, Headwear and Seasonal

Who Should Apply: This is another great design position for creative thinkers. You can help design and manage the next Lululemon hats, visors and other accessories for any type of fitness activity.

Who knows — maybe you will invent something super exciting for the brand and get to test it out on your next run.

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Assistant Manager

Who Should Apply: If you are a leader, super organized and ready to help run a team this could be the job for you.

You would get to help manage the Pacific Centre Lululemon location.

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Assistant Digital Merchant

Who Should Apply: If you have a background in retail or marketing and just love Lululemon — you are in luck.

You will help support brand marketing tactics and of course, get that fitness allowance to use whenever you please.

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Assistant Technical Developer, Outerwear

Who Should Apply: With this job, you will get to design Lulu outerwear. Imagine having the next jacket or pullover as your creation — it would be so cool.

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Assistant Global Merchant, Men's

Who Should Apply: If you love the men's line at Lululemon you should apply for this job. You will get to maintain product data entry of all men's Lululemon products.

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