If you're limited to local travel only or want to have an adventure on a really tight budget, then there's a place in B.C. that's a lot of fun on a tiny budget. There's a magic forest near Vancouver and it's the perfect day trip if you're bored in the city. You'll find a little village for fairies at a popular park 

Redwood Park in Surrey is hiding a magical secret. Just 40 minutes from Vancouver, you can find yourself in an enchanted forest.

Inside, the park has five kilometres of trails to wander. It's a good idea to bring your lunch and picnic blanket with you here, too and you can make a day of it.

The trees in the forest are strangely tall because many of them are big Sierra Redwoods. It's just the first clue that you're in a magical forest.

It's the hundreds of tiny fairy homes that really bring the whimsy. Little, brightly painted birdhouses line fallen logs and decorate massive tree stumps in the woods.  

Whether you believe in magic or not, this place is so cute and worth an afternoon exploring.

The park is also full of history. In 1893, it was given as a gift to be farmed but instead, they filled the land with trees from around the world.

You can take a self-guided tour through the forest to see all the different kinds of trees.

But if you're interested in just seeing the fairy homes, then head to the Chinese Chestnut Grove where you'll find the Fairy Forest.

The official map for the park reads, "Gnomes and Fairies are hard to see because they're so shy, but if you look carefully you may be able to spot some traces of them."

This place is similar to the Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke, but much smaller and closer to home. It's an easy adventure your best friend or your s/o would love to try.

Redwood Park Fairy Forest

Address: 17900 20 Ave., Surrey, BC

Why You Need To Go: Take your ordinary walk in the woods and add a twist of magic at this park near Vancouver.

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