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Mario Kart Is Adding Downtown Vancouver As Their First Canadian Racetrack Next Week

Who needs Rainbow Road when you have East Pender?
Mario Kart Vancouver Track Will Be Added To The Iconic Game Next Week

Charge your phone and put on your scorpion jacket and racing gloves, Vancouverites, because Mario Kart is turning the streets of Vancouver into its latest race track. As the 14th installment of the legendary Mario Kart series, the mobile game Mario Kart Tour is adding a bunch of real-life cities to its tracklist. The Mario Kart Vancouver track will be added to the game next week and we can't wait to visit our favourite locations.

The city makes its debut in Mario Kart Tour on Tuesday, February 11, the developers announced on Twitter.

"Take a spin through the city and enjoy its natural beauty. What sights are you looking forward to?" read their tweet.

After taking a look at the image posted by Mario Kart, we've determined that racers will be able to zoom by famous landmarks like the Olympic torch at Jack Poole Plaza, the Lions Gate Bridge, the North Shore Mountains, and Coal Harbour.

The mobile game is available on iOS and Android, and features other real-life locations like the streets of Tokyo and New York, in addition to well-loved favourites like Rainbow Road and Bowser's Castle.

Now, Vancouver will join that roster and become the very first track that takes place in Canada.

The game updates with themed tours around the world every two weeks, such as the current Valentine's Tour.

Why go outside and brave the city's wild weather when you can coast its streets virtually while battling princesses and weird mushroom people?

In addition to the track, the developers also unveiled two new characters joining the Vancouver tour.

They've shown only silhouettes so far, with a crowned lady in a flowing dress and a squat, potbellied person wearing what looks to be a camping backpack.

We only demand they bring our Evo cars to the track as well, for the full Vancouver experience.

Online, hundreds have responded to the exciting tweet. 

"Let's see if Vancouver could detrone Paris as the most beautiful track," wrote one user.

Another pointed out that Mario and Co haven't visited Vancouver since the 2010 Winter Games, and how excited they were to welcome the pudgy plumber and his mushroom friends into this country.

If you're deathly afraid of games, plumbers, or mushrooms, we have you covered! You can still race in Canada at this crazy Montreal racetrack.

Whatever the case, this update is great news for Vancouver, and therefore the world.

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