Get ready for a hot and humid Tuesday. Tomorrow, May 7, has the potential to be the muggiest day in Vancouver's recent history. Although we are used to seeing this type of weather, a day like this hasn’t happened in over 60 years. 

This year, Vancouver has broken some serious weather records. A majority of the records were broken during the winter months due to a large amount of snowfall. In fact, Vancouver received more snow this year than it did in over a decade.

Vancouver also saw a weird and very rare trio of weather that included snow, rain, and a thunderstorm. This weird weather phenomenon doesn’t happen often but of course, it happened in our city. 

Next on the agenda for weird weather is a record-breaking muggy day. 

According to a tweet by YVR Weather Records, tomorrow is anticipated to be the muggiest May 7 Vancouver has seen in over 65 years. The tweet states that records go back as far as 1953 and apparently, no other May 7 has been this humid. Can't wait. 

The humidex for tomorrow is sitting at 25 . The last time Vancouver saw a humidex in the high 20s was in 1957, at 24.4. 

The Weather Network has released a monthly weather report that states the average Vancouver temperature in May. According to the calendar, precipitation and humidity is not uncommon. However, having a humidex of 25 is a little over the top. 

According to Weather Spark, the muggiest day of the year doesn’t typically hit until the end of July. While we will be breaking records tomorrow, we have the potential to break even more later on this summer. 

According to The Weather Network, tomorrow's forecast will be a high of 20°C which will feel like 22°C. Possibility of precipitation is sitting at 10%. Combined with a UV index of 7 or higher, it's going to be one hot day. 

The rest of this week is supposed to be a hot one with sun and temperatures in the high 20s. Wednesday is set to have a high of 21°C which will feel like 23°C. The sun will be out however, clouds should be expected. Thursday and Friday will be the hottest days this week with highs of 22°C which will feel like 25°C.

As of now, the weekend is looking warm with a high of 20°C on Saturday and a high of 17°C on Sunday with clear skies. This means there will be a 90% chance of patio drinks and good times with friends!