If you want to live downtown, you might feel like all your money is going towards a tiny shoebox. Meanwhile, if you are willing to sacrifice the location, you can get more bang for your buck. To help you out, we've made a list of what a $2,000 Metro Vancouver apartment looks like across the city.

As a local, it will come as no surprise that Vancouver is one of the most expensive places in Canada to live.

According to Rentals.ca rental report, the average one-bedroom in Vancouver in 2019 comes in just a few dollars below $2000. But, this number is forecasted to inflate to a jaw-dropping $2,585 per month by the end of 2020.

Thankfully, there are some areas in the city where you can find much cheaper rentals. As $2,000 can go much further in the suburbs than it can in the downtown core.

You might be surprised to see how much you can get for the same price as a downtown bachelor pad.

If you crave space for all your stuff, for the same price, you can get a newly renovated three-bedroom without adding too much time to your daily commute.

This is what you can get for less than $2000 a month right now in the different neighbourhoods:

Downtown Bachelor Apartment

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,800

Address: 1022 Nelson St., Vancouver, BC

Description: If you are willing to live without a bedroom, you can enjoy this sleek bachelor apartment right downtown.

[image 5e22121e2bf5df6cd371b47a]

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Multi-Unit Home

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,600

Address: 11110 156A St., Surrey, BC

Description: This two-bedroom unit is inside a house. The neutrally decorated rental could be yours for just $1600, which also includes your utilities (heating, electricity, water), plus wifi.

[image 5e2209aab454e36ce04f5b51]

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2-Bedroom Unit

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,850

Address: 4520 Union St., Burnaby, BC

Description: For under $2000, this 2-bedroom 850 square feet suite could be yours. It comes with in-unit laundry, and a new refrigerator and electric range cooktop.

[image 5e220892b454e36ce04f5b2a]

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3-Bedroom Apartment

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,895

Address: 10951 Mortfield Rd., Richmond, BC

Description: Are you tired of living in a tiny bachelor pad? If so, this three-bedroom rental will give you all the space you crave. While living here, you can also enjoy the outdoor pool, sauna, and exercise room.

[image 5e220b8f360ce06ced484b9d]

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Modern 2-Bedroom

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,795

Address: 13555 96 Ave., Surrey, BC

Description: This two-bedroom apartment has gorgeous finishing like a kitchen with a quartz countertop that you will love. The unit also comes with keyless entry, in-suite laundry, a dishwasher, along with access to the rooftop terrace.

[image 5e22058ab454e36ce04f5ac5]

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Spacious 2-Bedroom Home

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,700

Address: 21571 Stonehouse Ave., Maple Ridge, BC

Description: This newly built 850 square feet 2-bedroom rental is inside a house. It has a private entrance, modern kitchen, in-suite laundry, and parking.

[image 5e220c6e360ce06ced484bc2]

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Brand New 1-Bedroom Condo

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,800

Address: 515 Foster Ave., Coquitlam, BC

Description: You can move into this dreamy one-bedroom apartment that comes with a den perfect for a home office. It comes with a dishwasher, gas cooktop, and a stacked laundry unit. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy the gym, steam room, sauna, library, screening room, pool, and sports court in the building.

[image 5e2210f8360ce06ced484c6b]

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Modern One Bedroom Apartment

apartment for rent in vancouver

Price: $1,910

Address: 151 East Keith Rd., North Vancouver, BC

Description: The apartment is located in the waterfront district, only a short walk from cafes and stores. The newly renovated unit includes hardwood floors, a kitchen with a eat up bar, and utilities (heating and water).

[image 5e221908b454e36ce04f5d4f]

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