Gas Prices In Canada Are Finally Dropping This Weekend, Here's When

Gas prices have been record-breaking high in Canada lately, especially in places like Metro Vancouver. BC residents have been fed up with paying such high costs for gas. After what felt like forever, some relief is finally coming. Metro Vancouver gas prices are expected to drop significantly this weekend. It's about time!

Drivers in the GTA will also see gas prices drop by three cents per litre tonight. So Vancouver isn't the only Canadian city that will get to experience lowered gas prices this weekend.

Gas analyst Dan McTeague posted on Twitter to alert Vancouver drivers that gas prices would finally be lowering this weekend for two days straight, starting on Friday night. 

Metro Vancouver drivers have had to deal with record-high gas prices the past few weeks. Gas prices even went higher than $1.70 per litre. After weeks of expensive fill-ups at the pumps, it's about to get a bit better for drivers. 

According to McTeague, Vancouverites can expect them to drop significantly, by 3 cents per litre overnight on Friday. Fortunately, it doesn't stop there – gas prices will drop by another 3 cents per litre. 

So if you were planning on filling up your tanks today, try to hold out until tomorrow night, and you'll be able to save around six cents per litre! 

Unfortunately for Vancouverites, these high gas prices are expected to stick around until this fall, according to McTeague. He says that $1.60 per litre is forecasted to be "the new normal" for several months. Currently in Vancouver, gas prices are around $1.67 per litre.

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Several BC residents reported in a recent survey that they were struggling to afford gas because the prices were so high and many said they changed their driving behaviour. 

Although the gas prices are still expensive and much higher than other cities in Canada, at least they're dropping significantly this weekend for the first time in a while, so if you need to fill up, make sure to do it tomorrow night.