Vancouver Commuter Spotted With Microsoft’s Super Futuristic New Tablet-Phone (VIDEO)

It hasnt even been released to the public yet.
Microsoft's Surface Duo Was Seen On A Vancouver SkyTrain But It's Still Unreleased (VIDEO)
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Move over iPhone, you have a new competitor in town. Someone in Vancouver was actually seen using Microsoft's Surface Duo on public transit. While this doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, the phone is actually unreleased as of now. Also, it looks like something right out of the future. A fellow transit passenger managed to get the entire thing on video and we have to admit, the phone looks pretty cool. 

The constant battle between Samsung and Apple is a tale as old as time. This new addition is so unique it might just have Apple users intrigued. 

A simple search on the Microsoft website reveals that the company is working on a Surface Duo that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. 

With two massive screens connected by a hinge, the phone easily opens up to be a tablet. 

It kind of looks like a Nintendo DS, minus the Nintendogs. 

This new phone sounds like every tech lover's dream come true, but it’s not on the market just yet. Or so we thought. 

Microsoft states on its website that the advanced technology will be ready to hit the shelves during the holiday season of 2020.

But apparently, someone got their hands on the device early. 

A video that was first released on YouTube has gone viral that actually shows a person using the phone out in a public setting. 

According to Daily Mail, the phone was being used on a Vancouver SkyTrain which means someone in the city has it and you don’t. 

The video has gone viral because the phone literally looks like something from Star Trek and frankly, we need it. 

The video was originally taken by Israel Rodriguez and posted online.

In the YouTube video, you can see the transit passenger using the phone as a tablet and typing something on one side of the screen and reading on the other. 

They also used it to play video games at one point, folding down the screen to do so. 

Near the end of the video, the person closes the device and you can see the Microsoft logo on it. 

In the person's hands, it looks about the same size as one of the larger iPhones, perhaps just a touch larger. 

The owner of the device is unknown and there is no information about how the person received the unreleased phone. 

Unless you’re the owner, you’ll just have to wait until Christmas to get the new phone like everyone else. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer