OMG. People are pissed at Breakout Festival 2018. Fans were so excited to see that a hip-hop and R&B festival was coming to Vancouver, finally.

Fans were definitely most excited to see Migos. They were definitely (and literally) the biggest name on the set list. It's safe to say that hundreds of young fans bought weekend passes just to see Migos perform live in Vancouver.

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Well, if you wanted to see Migos live, you'll have to keep waiting because they literally didn't show up for their performance.

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All weekend, fans have been waiting to see Migos perform and now they're pissed AF that they didn't show. Concertgoers were raging through the exits demanding anyone who would listen for their money back.

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Oh, and the worst part? Migos were set to play in the very last time slot of the entire festival weekend - Sunday night at 8:50 PM. Breakout Festival announced that the Migos show was cancelled 22 minutes before they were set to go on stage! 

AND it wasn't even properly announced! People in the crowd had to find out VIA Instagram that Migos (aka their biggest headliner) wouldn't be performing. No one came onto the mic to tell the crowd that their favourite band wasn't going to be performing.

Fans on Facebook are currently blowing up the Breakout Festival's event page, demanding refunds for their wasted tickets. Also, it doesn't help that Migos wasn't the only act to cancel this weekend. Two other acts cancelled during the festival this weekend. Kodie Shane and A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie both bailed on their performances as well.