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Mini Donuts In Vancouver: A Pop-Up Drive Thru Donut Party Is Happening This Weekend

Even though the famous B.C. fair is cancelled this year, their sweet treats will live on. You can get the PNE's mini donuts in Vancouver this week and they’re just as delicious as you remember. This drive-thru will get you a taste of the good stuff and there could be more unique eats to come from the Fair this year.

According to a release shared with Narcity on Tuesday, May 19, the Fair will let us partake of their delicious doughy goodness from Friday, May 22 to Sunday, May 24. They're open from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

I don't know about you, but those tiny fried snacks are half the reason I go to the PNE in the first place. They've got so many amazing and mouthwatering foods that it blows the metaphorical socks right off your tastebuds.

The four classic donut shops will all be there: Those Little Donuts, Tin Lizzy Donuts, CinCity Donuts, and the PNE Fundunkers. If you're like us and have incredibly strong opinions on the make of your treats, you can vote for your favourite on their site.

Just drive up to Playland's "Revel District" in Hastings Park where you'll find the donut stands. Either pay in advance or on-site and drive to the pickup location — they'll bring it out for your munching pleasure.

You won't have to worry about buying too few either; the donuts are all available in bulk packs of 24 for $20 or 48 for $35.

Mini donuts are just the start of what they're calling "A Taste Of The PNE," a series of "events celebrating some of our Playland and Fair favourites," according to their website.

You can also buy the donuts in advance online. If you do, you'll get two free tickets to the PNE Fair in 2021.

According to organizers, the drive-thru is a way to help support the small businesses behind the mini donuts. Because the fair had to close this year, many of the businesses lost a ton of revenue, they say.

Not only do you get to satisfy your sweet tooth for delicious donuts, but you'll also get to support some amazing small businesses in the meantime.

PNE Mini Donuts Drive-Thru

Price: $20 to $35

When: Friday, May 22 to Sunday, May 24.

Address: Playland, 2901 Hastings St., BC

Why You Need To Go: To pick up delicious mini donuts in a giant drive-thru event.

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