BC Firefighters Rescued An Adorable Puppy Stuck In A Fence (PHOTOS)

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BC Firefighters Rescued An Adorable Puppy Stuck In A Fence (PHOTOS)

Prepare yourself for a heartwarming story! Mission firefighters rescued a puppy in BC that was stuck in a fence. The poor thing needed their help and thankfully, they were more than happy to come to the rescue. Best day on the job, ever!

According to the Twitter page of the Mission Professional Firefighters Association, a citizen in BC had to call for help after an adorable puppy got its head caught in a fence. The firefighters, being animal lovers, were more than happy to help and even got pictures of the whole ordeal. 

According to the tweet, the little black and white dog had its head caught in what appears to be a garden fence. It is unclear how the dog got stuck in the first place, but puppies will be puppies! The tweet states that the owner had “exhausted every avenue” before calling the fire department to free the poor dog. 

In a series of photos posted by the firefighters, you can see one firefighter holding the dog while the other tries to wiggle its head through the little diamond-shaped hole. 

The last picture is of one of the firefighters holding the cute little doggo who looks incredibly relaxed! I guess it was an eventful day. 

Although first responders can be intimidating, they can have hearts of gold and just want to help! Most recently, a RCMP officer in Coquitlam gave the nicest gift to a 15-year-old who spent his birthday in jail. 

According to the RCMP, that thoughtful officer gave the young man a birthday cake and some one-on-one time. They talked about making positive life choices and how to overcome some of the challenges he has faced in life.

Another amazing story involves a Delta officer having tea with a 90-year-old woman after she complained that her kids could not visit her. 

This Delta police officer initially answered a distress call from the elderly woman. After calming her down, the cop decided to have a cup of tea and sit down for a one on one conversation with the woman. 

Faith in humanity restored! 

Stephanie Hilash
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Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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