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More Snowstorms Will Be Hitting Metro Vancouver And BC This Week

Snowstorms hitting Metro Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Island and more this week starting February 11.

As if the constant transit delays, broken down buses and school closures weren't enough, even more snow is on its way to Vancouver. More snowstorms will be hitting Metro Vancouver and BC this week. Even if you have had enough of the snow that hit Vancouver yesterday and on Monday, February 11, winter isn't finished making its presence known in the Greater Vancouver area. 

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The Weather Network is reporting today that we've only seen the beginning of the intense snow storms in BC. Snow flurries and snow storms mixed with rain are expected to hit BC all week long and into Valentine's Day weekend. If you thought you already saw a lot of snowfall in Metro Vancouver already, you thought wrong. 

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"Some of the heaviest snow is yet to come for the South Coast and Vancouver Island as bitter Arctic outflow winds continue," says The Weather Network on Monday, February 11. "Difficult commutes and renewed power outages are all on the table for the next few days."

This week, Vancouver is experiencing the most snow and cold weather it has seen in over 10 years. Based on The Weather Network's forecast, those brutal winter conditions are going to continue until the middle of this week. 

More snow coming tonight and tomorrow. Starting during PM commute in Vancouver and possibly still going for AM commute Tuesday. 10-15 cm expected. pic.twitter.com/f2FArOIWOM

February 11, 2019

For Metro Vancouver, Environment Canada has issued a warning today that "a long period of snowfall with total amounts of 15 to 25 cm is expected". The snow is expected to start this afternoon, with the heaviest amounts falling tonight, and continue through Tuesday tomorrow. 

Snow flurries and snow-rain showers are also in the forecast later this week. Vancouver is forecasted to experience snow-rain showers on Thursday and Friday, as well as snow flurries on Saturday, according to The Weather Network

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Vancouver Island will also see snowfall in several different regions tonight and tomorrow. Victoria is expected to get around 10 cm of snow accumulation and the east coast of Vancouver Island, which includes Nanaimo, is expected to see the heaviest amounts of snow, according to The Weather Network

Via The Weather Network

Not only will there be heavy snowfall, but also bitterly cold temperatures across the south coast of BC. According to The Weather Network, temperatures in Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island will be around 5 to 10 degrees lower than the seasonal average. Wind chill values near zero are also forecasted for most of the week.  

The Weather Network warns that you probably won't see relief from the winter weather until Wednesday. "Difficult driving, flight delays expected through early Wednesday," reads their weather report.

Until then, try your best to stay indoors whenever possible because the weather outside is frightful – it's the perfect excuse to stay in and watch Netflix!