This BC Museum Wants Your 'Quarantine Diaries' For Their New Exhibit

Show them how kooky you're getting stuck at home.
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Museum Of Vancouver Wants Your 'Quarantine Diaries' For Their New Exhibit

It is finally time for you to be in the spotlight — in the most unexpected way. COVID-19 is a moment in history none of us will ever forget, and your experience could become featured at a major cultural institution in Vancouver. The Museum of Vancouver wants to hear your 'quarantine diaries' for their new crowdsourced exhibit and you could literally go down in history.

On Monday, April 20, 2020, a new campaign called #IsolatingTogetherMOV was kicked off. The museum told Narcity in an email the inspiration came from the Program Manager Alan Kollins.

The concept is simple. The museum wants you to share your videos and posts about what you are experiencing right now on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #IsolatingTogetherMOV.

Right now, our lives are dramatically different than they were even just a few weeks ago. As such, they see the importance of documenting this memorable time through stories, digital media and much more.

Even our indoor life has an interesting story, and MOV wants to hear about your new reality and how you are adapting.

Some suggestions of things to share are, how are you connecting with your friends and family now, or any new skills you recently gained.

Perhaps you learned a new musical instrument, banana bread recipe, cut your own hair and if so they want to hear all about it.

They will showcase content with their hashtag online. Over time, the site will expand to include personal stories and narratives to showcase what life was like during the pandemic.

But it doesn't stop there; the content submitted to this project could be used in the future for exhibits too.

Even if you aren't willing to share, you can still enjoy all the positive messages. We suggest you go to the Isolating Together site to brighten your day and be inspired with cool things to try at home.

For example, you need to watch Coronavirus Rhapsody, which is pure gold.

For more heartwarming and inspirational content, you can join their Facebook Group too, which has more fantastic posts.You could literally go down in history right now just by sharing which video games you're playing in isolation, why not take advantage?

The Museum of Vancouver

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can have your experience shared on the museum's virtual exhibit.

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