5 National Parks In BC That Are Now Open For Spring & Summer Reservations (PHOTOS)

Spend the summer swimming in turquoise water.

Associate Editor, Vancouver
Someone sailing near Gulf Islands National Park. Right: Glacier National Park, B.C.

Someone sailing near Gulf Islands National Park. Right: Glacier National Park, B.C.

Parks Canada reservations are open for several national parks in B.C. right now, which means that you should act fast if you want a dreamy camping trip in your future — the slots are known to fill up quickly.

Soak up every last second of the warm weather to come by swimming in emerald lakes, observing local flora and fauna and making memories with your favourite people.

If you're itching for an adventure-filled summer, here are five national parks on the West Coast that you can make camping reservations for right now.

Gulf Islands National Park

Price: From $5.25 per group, per night

Address: Gulf Islands, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: An easy distance from Vancouver and accessible by B.C. Ferries, this ecologically diverse national park attracts local beach bums and tourists alike. Whether you're into sailing, lounging by the shore or backcountry hiking, you won't be short on warm-weather adventures here.


Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

​Price: From $7.25 per group, per night

Address: Tofino, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Last year, Scouts Canada named this park one of the best in Canada for camping. Whether you're a surfer who prefers to fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves or a hiker who feels at home in the backcountry, this park boasts varied terrain for every type of camper.


Mount Revelstoke National Park

Price: From $12.75 per person, per night

Address: Revelstoke, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Revelstoke National Park is both an adventure destination and a cultural treasure, with a range of activities to suit whatever it is you're into. A day here might take you from wildlife viewing in the morning to a guided hike in the afternoon and fireside sketching in the evening — whatever you do and wherever you wander, it'll come with a view.


Fort Langley National Historic Site

Price: From $128 per tent, per day

Address: Langley, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: This one's for the glamper who'd rather sleep in the comfort of an A-frame cabin than on the hard ground. Just a quick drive from downtown Vancouver, there's no work required to have a good time here: go on a wine tour, walk to restaurants in the village or rent a bike for a breezy ride through town.


Glacier National Park

Price: From $12.75 per night, per person

Address: Columbia-Shuswap, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Though the vibrant lakes here are a big draw, staying the night is a must; this spot was named one of the best destinations for stargazers in all of Canada. Take turns naming constellations with your friends — no telescope needed — and fall asleep beneath the heavenly bodies above.


Sierra Riley
Associate Editor, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is an Editor for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Vancouver, Canada.
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