It's not hard to meet a vegan or vegetarian in Victoria. In fact, spotting a meat eater is more of a unicorn moment than meeting a non-meat eater on the island.

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Call it the hippie vibe, but Victoria has love for their furry friends and the service industry has taken notice. For this reason, you are able to find the BEST vegan and vegetarian eateries in the city, each providing a unique flare to their restaurant.

You're only a ferry hop over the pond away, who's with me?!

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Rebar // 50 Bastion Sq

Rebar is a Victoria vegetarian and vegan staple. They bring hippie chic and retro vibes to this Bastion Square eatery. Come for the food and stay for the warm atmosphere and great tunes.

Recommended: 3 Sister Enchiladas

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be love // 1019 Blanshard St

This insanely creative and elegant restaurant is owned by siblings and offers organic and plant based foods that will both satisfy and energize you. Their vegan options are vast and they offer a Love Bowl by donation so no one goes hungry!

Recommended: Mac & Cheeze (vegan)

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Café Bliss // 556 Pandora Ave

Serving bliss in every bite! Café Bliss gives a taste of raw to the island community from bowls to elixirs and everything in between!

Recommended: Macro Bowl

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Lotus Pond // 617 Johnson St

The people at Lotus Pond believe that eating vegetarian "enables one to become more aware of one’s body, mind, and the environment in which one lives." They serve Chinese-inspired meals that are 100% vegetarian with soy mock-meat to replicate some of your favourite dishes!

Recommended: Spring rolls

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Mo:Lé // 554 Pandora Ave

You're going to have to wait in line, but trust me it's worth it. Mo:Lé's serves all-day breakfast, brunch, lunch and tops every dish off with their special ingredient: love!

Recommended: Maple Balsamic Grilled Veggie Sandwich

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Green Cuisine  // 5-560 Johnson St

Vegetarian buffet? Count me in! Located in Market Square and your perfect spot after a long day of shopping on Johnson.

Recommended: Broccoli Kale Soup

Rawthentic Eatery // 108-4440 Saanich Rd

It's a bit of a trek but call it a road trip and head to Rawthentic "where healthy eating meets gourmet & delicious!" Combining raw and organic ingredients to create healthy and tasty menu items is their game and we're totally down to play!

Recommended: Spinach Manicotti

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Venus Sophia Eatery // 540 Fisgard St

This tea shop doubles as a vegetarian eatery and provides the sophistication of tea with the Queen with the price that you like. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Venus Sophia is your next stop for any occasion.

Recommended: Tofu "Chicken" Sandwich