A massive new futuristic restaurant and lounge is coming to Vancouver soon and it looks like something out of a dream. The new development is totally surreal and will take over Vancouver's Blood Alley in Gastown. The new Blood Alley restaurant will arrive in 2022.

Right now, the plans for the restaurant and lounge aren't well known. They don't have a restaurant operator selected yet, according to a press release shared with Narcity.

However, we know it will be located at 33 Cordova St. It will be built underground as part of the renovations of Vancouver's wildly-named Blood Alley. Fortunately, the area is far less intimidating than the name suggests, with tons of cool things to do.

Westbank, a Canadian real estate and development company, is spearheading the project in collaboration with B.C. housing.

Designed by Henriquez Partners Architects, with interiors by OSO, the building's many light sources and mind-bending surfaces resemble a "sun-dappled garden" or "overlapping leaves in a forest," read the press release.

Personally, we don't mind what restaurant operates in this space. We'd go for the trippy visuals alone.

The secret behind the light show lies within the massive aluminum-coated arches that span the space, each carved with countless tiny triangles. Light sources are hidden inside the columns, scattering beams of light across the warped room.

The restaurant and lounge is planned to connect the street to the plaza, making it easy to access the front and back of the planned structure.

The goal is to create "a new, dynamic gathering place in the community, with arts and culture focused programming that will enrich the cultural landscape of our city," reads the release.

The futuristic restaurant makes up only one component of the Blood Alley project, which in its entirely will span 115,000 square feet.

Westbank Corp confirmed to Narcity that the development will create 142 rental residential homes, 80 of which will be reserved for social housing.*

Given the housing situation in Vancouver, new homes are very welcome.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more info. If the food's as mindblowing as this place looks, there's a good chance the restaurant will be a winner.

*This article has been updated.