Vancouver Is Getting An Affordable Mountain Top Village Soon (PHOTOS)

Mountain top homes for all.
New Cypress Mountain Village Near Vancouver Will Have Affordable Homes (RENDERING)

A B.C. business is looking to create a brand new mountain village just outside of Vancouver with a ton of new affordable housing. British Pacific Properties is planning a new Cypress Mountain village that could be built in just four or five years. Soon, we could get a chance to live in a mountain top community for way less than the cost of a Whistler Chalet.

The area to be developed stretches all the way from the first switchback to Cypress Mountain Resort down to Cypress Creek.

BPP told Narcity that they can't say the exact size of the village or the population they're expecting yet. Those numbers will be decided later this year.

However, an article by the Vancouver Sun approximates up to 7,000 residents in the village, which they say could occupy up to 350 acres of land.

In a statement to Narcity, Bryce Tupper, Vice President Planning & Development with BPP, said they're expecting to build both affordable and purpose-built rental homes.

"We envision a community built on smart-growth principles that will bring needed housing diversity, retail services, recreational amenities and transit to West Vancouver's Upper Lands," he wrote.

They're planning the village for people of all income ranges, with a bunch of different housing types plus other amenities.*

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"We would like to see daycares, a community centre, a library, a fire hall, an elementary school, arts and culture space and other important facilities needed for a complete community," Tupper continued.

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*BPP is expecting that there will be affordable housing options in the new Cypress Village.

The extent of those options will "be informed by the District of West Vancouver’s Area Development planning process, occurring this year," according to Tupper.

Translink has even approved the idea of creating a transit service to connect the new village to Vancouver, according to Tupper.

*This article has been updated.