You know him best for his role as Winston Bishop in the TV sitcom that's been on screens since 2011. Zooey Deschanel's character wouldn't be complete without her hilarious pal who's always there to crack a joke and is definitely one of the more tolerable roommates. Like all good things, the series came to an end in 2018 and now New Girl star Lamorne Morris is in Vancouver filming Woke, a new comedy series alongside Workaholics star Blake Anderson and comedian T. Murph. 

The show was picked up by Hulu and is "inspired by the life and art of cartoonist Keith Knight" according to Deadline

They wrote that Keith's "cartoons have appeared in several national publications and tackle social, racial and class issues while providing a comedic take on pop culture."

Morris will be playing lead character Keef Knight, Anderson's character is named Gunther, and T. Murph will be playing Clovis.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the live-action and animated comedy "revolves around an African-American cartoonist who is on the cusp of mainstream success when his mild comics take a decidedly provocative tone following a run-in with police."

They continued writing that Keef "is in an irreversible state of 'woke' as he struggles to navigate his day-to-day existence — without blowing up everything he's built — while animated objects invade his reality."

So far, IMDb confirmed only the pilot episode which will also feature actors including Lara Goldies, Sasheer Zamata, Brandi Alexander, and Elizabeth Bowen. 

According to What's Filming, production began on January 13 and will go until February 25. 

The New Girl actor posted a photo of a director's chair labelled with his name on it yesterday marking the first day of filming. He captioned it "Day 1 #Woke".

Two days ago, the 36-year-old posted a photo of him working and tagged his location as Vancouver, British Columbia.

Morris comes from Glen Ellyn, Illinois and has been in the acting industry since the early 2000s.

He was recently in Jumanji: The Next Level, played Officer Jameson in The Christmas Chronicles, and in 2018 he played Kevin in the film Game Night.

Anderson is best known for his role on the sitcom starring opposite Adam Devine and Anders Holm that aired from 2011 to 2017.

T. Murph has been documenting the production of Woke on Instagram and posted a photo of the same chair as Morris with his own name on it, as well as a gift he got from Hulu for joining their team.

Last week he shared a photo with Morris, Anderson, and the show's director, Maurice Marable. 

Hulu is only available in the US but hopefully, it takes a note from Dollface which is also with the streaming service and launched on Crave Canada. Fingers crossed the creators offer Canadians an option to stream the series.