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Lululemon Is Trying To Build Their New HQ In Vancouver But It's Too Tall

The want almost double the height the city will allow.

Lululemon is one of Vancouver's biggest success stories. The internationally-loved athleticwear brand came from humble beginnings right here in Vancity. As Lululemon continues to expand, it seems it's come time for a shiny new headquarters. They have submitted a re-zoning application to The City of Vancouver for the new Lululemon headquarters in Vancouver. If the new build is approved, it won't just be a "Store Support Center" for the brand, it will also be a public space with retail shops, green space, and cafés on the ground level. The re-zoning application process is necessary because the building they have in mind is far larger than the city currently allows.

According to the application, Lululemon's new home hopes to land at 1980 Foley St. The area is outside of the downtown core and you won't find many buildings of notable height around there. This is not a coincidence. The city only allows buildings to reach 120-feet in height in Lululemon's desired neighbourhood. As such, a key component of Lululemon's re-zoning application is a request to allow for their new HQ to reach nearly double the restricted height. They want the city to agree to let them build 215-feet high, which is 13-stories.

According to Business in Vancouver, the proposed headquarters intends to replace the current head office in Kitsilano as well as three of the other smaller offices in Vancouver. Together, the four offices currently employ about 2000 people. Though, the company expects to have about 4000 employees working in their headquarters by 2032. Naturally, they need a big old space for all those people and all those stretchy pants. Lululemon is more successful than ever and they need their headquarters to get on their level. 

Along with their request for an amendment on the location’s height restriction, they have also requested an allowance for café and restaurant use on the ground floor to create the vibrant public space they’ve dreamed up.

Though the proposed building is certainly large, it's also quite beautiful. It includes an atrium in the middle and tons of open areas that included greenery and space for the public to enjoy. If this project goes ahead, it'll be a huge game-changer of Lululemon, for the up and coming False Creek Flats area, and for Vancouver as a whole. 

To discuss the proposed build, representatives from Lululemon and the City of Vancouver gathered at an open house on September 12. If you weren’t able to make the open house, you can still provide your comments on the re-zoning online. If the application is approved, the project will begin immediately and is predicted to conclude in 2023. 

Lululemon is always doing something new and exciting, from launching self-care products to constantly having "we made too much" sales. Stat tuned to hear what they do next.

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