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New Study Shows That Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together

There is a fine line between dating someone and being in a relationship. That moment when you find yourself burping or showing your post-party face to him without any fear of your zombie face in the morning, is the click that you're no longer just dating but in a relationship.

study from The Journal of Gerontology has shown that couples drinking together will be more likely to stay together. Women reported drinking alcohol feel better in their relationship when their partners are also reported drinking. On the contrary, if one of them does not drink while the other does, quality of relationship appears to significantly decrease. The study shows having different drinking patterns give rise to conflicts , simply because a sober person will not think the same way to a drunk one. Therefore, it encourages couples to have quality drinking time together.

Spending long summer nights drinking beer and talking about insecurities is the greatest feeling ever in a relationship: you feel safe, calm and stronger together. You're not alone anymore in this vast and threatening world. Even better, you have a partner you can trust and will be there to help you when facing life difficulties.

Summer evenings around drinks are also the best to share memories, especially the most hilarious and ridiculous things you did together. That night when you met outside of this club and started talking about the insignificant but essential role of ants in Vancouver ecosystem (yes, alcohol make you talk about anything). Or when you drank so much at your birthday party that your bae had to hold your hair for 3 hours while you were sick.

Experiencing the effects of alcohol on each other can be a deal breaker. So once you accept your partner's drunk personality, it means things are getting serious.

What's great about drinking together is the inhibition that comes with alcohol. Fearless, You are ready to take on the world.

Of course, the study does not recommend couples to get drunk every time they are together. First because they wouldn't be called "couple" but drinking buddies. Beside, how can you build a long-term relationship only on alcoholic conversations and the drunk version of you?

To me, drinking unveils the most hilarious and the worst of a person. If you've both seen each other drunk,  you will probably know how "bad" your partner can be. You'll know what to expect and can decide whether you picture yourself dealing with that side of your bae in the long-term.

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