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The New Trump Towers Are Staying in Vancouver And People Are Pissed AF

Let's make Vancouver great again!
The New Trump Towers Are Staying in Vancouver And People Are Pissed AF

As many Americans are dumping Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, Vancouverites are also ready to see the Trump name leave the city. Trump Towers Vancouver has stirred up almost as much controversy as The Donald himself, with many locals protesting outside its doors. A study done by the Angus Reid Institute shows that 60% of people in Metro Vancouver want the Trump name off towers in both Toronto and Vancouver.

The hotel was initially set to open in August, but suspiciously keeps getting pushed further back as Trump continues his provocative and uncensored presidential campaign. In an attempt to create some excitement over the new hotel opening, Holborn Group (the builders responsible for the hotel) has created a contest to win a VIP experience at the grand opening,  but the response has been met with a giant GTFO!

Trump’s racist, homophobic, and anti-Islamic remarks have never really sat well with the citizens of Vancouver but in light of the Access Hollywood interview from 2005, where he glorified assault on women – locals have said enough is enough!

Sorry @TrumpVancouver I'd sooner have a root canal.

— Whatsherface (@NightWritergrrr) October 6, 2016


— Michael Airton (@michaelairton) October 8, 2016





— Craig Minielly (@CraigMinielly) December 8, 2015



— Mike McDonald (@BCMikeMcD) October 7, 2016



— neal lamontagne (@nlamontagne) October 9, 2016



— Brent Toderian (@BrentToderian) October 9, 2016


— SCOUT Magazine (@scoutmagazine) October 8, 2016

These Vancouverites have had their say, now let us know what you think! Should the Trump name be taken down? Should it stay? Or do you just not care?

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