Canadian Police Had To Rescue A Baby After It Was Locked In A Hot Car

This could have had a terrible outcome.
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Canadian Police Had To Rescue A Baby After It Was Locked In A Hot Car

It was a dramatic morning for Canadian police officers after North Vancouver RCMP rescued a baby stuck in a car on a hot day. This incident took place just weeks after a baby died in Metro Vancouver after being left in a hot car for several hours on end. With this incident, police and the mother were fast acting and thankfully, no one ended up getting hurt. 

According to CTV News, RCMP officers were called to help a woman in North Vancouver on the morning of May 27, 2019. Sgt. Peter DeVries with the North Vancouver RCMP told CTV that police officers happened to be right across the street from the mother at the time of the incident. 

RCMP officials have stated that the woman parked her car in the parking lot at the Capilano Mall. Shortly after closing the car door, she realized that she locked herself out of the car with her baby still in the back seat.

According to North Shore News, the woman flagged the police down, who were across the street, for immediate help. When RCMP officers realised what was wrong, they called a tow truck and the driver was able to get the door open. 

Thankfully, police were fast acting, because on that Monday morning, temperatures in the city were rising to around 21°C. According to The Weather Network, that 21°C actually felt like 25°. 

DeVries told CTV that the incident was a “moment of inattention the could happen to anyone." Thankfully, the mother noticed right away and the baby was fine. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a scary incident like this has happened. Earlier this month on May 9, 2019, a 16-month-old baby boy died after being left in a hot car in Burnaby for nine hours. 

While first responders did everything that they could to save the child, the boy was taken to the hospital, where he passed away. 

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