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An Otter With Expensive Taste Keeps Wreaking Havoc At This Vancouver Garden

The otter keeps breaking in and devouring the garden's expensive koi fish.

This may not be your typical “most wanted” criminal, but it is certainly causing trouble. An otter in Vancouver is wreaking havoc at a local Chinese garden by repeatedly breaking in and killing the garden's koi fish. While it may seem like the otter is just doing what it would normally do, these prized koi fish are incredibly valuable. So many fish have been eaten by this hungry otter that the pond actually had to close down over the weekend. 

According to a report by CBC News, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown had to shut down its pond down on Saturday, November 2, after six of its koi turned up dead. An otter sighting was confirmed, however, no perpetrator has been caught. 

The hilarious thing is that this is not the first time this has happened in the city. Either this garden isn't guarding its fish well enough, or otters are coming up with clever ways to catch an easy meal.

Either way, officials are now working on solving the problem by catching the perpetrator. 

The Vancouver Park Board told CBC News that the first fish carcass turned up on Tuesday, October 29. Between Tuesday and Friday, five other fish were killed. 

After finding all the koi carcasses, Park Board staff lowered the water levels in the pond and closed the park doors in order to remove the remaining fish from the otter buffet. 

Altogether, 74 small koi have been removed from the pond and are being housed in an off-site facility.

A live trap has been set out in order to catch the criminal. So far, nothing has turned up. 

Within the next two days, park staff will begin filling the pond back up. While the water levels will be back to normal, the fish will not return home until the criminal has been caught. 

Last year, a river otter killed a number of koi in the same pond. That otter was able to avoid park staff for several days before being caught. 

Koi fish are expensive and can range anywhere from $100 to $3,000 depending on the colour, length, and breed. This otter clearly has a sophisticated palate and loves its high-end fish.

Ever since this otter ate six of them, the Chinatown Otter Twitter page has resurrected with a tweet saying "Let #OtterWatch2019 begin."

It may be a trouble-maker, but we must admit that this otter's fearless determination to score a good meal is impressive.

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