Valentines is just around the corner, but why should humans have all the fun? The Vancouver Aquarium gave their otters a special treat ahead of Friday, February 14th. Their adorable video of the otters' Valentine's day gift is too cute for words.

The adorable otters are given delicious heart-shaped treats made of mostly ice and shrimp paste. We prefer chocolate, but as long as the otters are happy.

"These treats are made from ice, fish fillet and shrimp paste," read a statement from Vancouver Aquarium to Narcity. The treats are part of an "Otter Enrichment Program" at the aquarium.

This is fast becoming one of our favourite v-day traditions. Last year, the aquarium also showered them with fishy gifts.

If you love otters and want to see them this February 14, you can join in magical the adults-only after-hours at the aquarium.

The famously fluffy otters are busy 24/7 with all manner of adorable hijinks, and it's open for all to see on their sea otter cam that you can view anytime.

The Vancouver Aquarium shared a video with Narcity showing the otters munching on some deliciously adorable Valentine's treats at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The otters have a busy schedule to keep. Between playing in the exhibit, entertaining guests, and carefully grooming themselves, they don't get much of a break.

Otter Vancouver Aquarium

In the video, you can see them crunching with joy on their heart-shaped shrimpsicle treats. Frozen crustacean chunks never looked more appetizing.

It's certainly a well-deserved treat they're getting this Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day, Vancouver Aquarium shared another video of the otters playing with their pink icy heart-shaped treats. We can't get enough of these heartbreakers.

Otters spend at least 30% of their time grooming, according to the Aquarium. They need to keep their fur clean in order to preserve the thin layer of air that keeps them insulated in water.

All of the otters living at the aquarium were rescued when they were babies, according to the aquarium's website, and they're so young when they're brought in that they don't even know how to feed or groom themselves.

"Dedicated staff had to bottle-feed and groom them until they learned how to do it themselves. Now they’re thriving in their Aquarium habitat," says the Aquarium.

We hope you have a lovely Valentine's day. If not, these otters will hopefully kick your day back up.

And if otters aren't doing it for you, the aquarium has a ton of "otter" amazing things to check out.