Calling all dog lovers and owners! There is an insanely cool event headed your way this weekend and you won’t want to miss it. One of the biggest dog meet-ups will be taking place this weekend in one of Canada's biggest cities. According to Facebook,  over 800 people and their dogs, will be attending Vancouver's biggest dog meet-up this weekend. Here’s what you need to know!

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This weekend, Dogs of Vancity will be hosting their fifth annual dog meet-up. This huge dog meet-up draws quite the crowd every year and it sounds amazing! 

What’s better than one dog? Hundreds of dogs! That’s right, over 800 people and their pretty pooches are going to the event. According to the Facebook event page, another 3,700 people are interested in going. So everyone, make sure you bring your poop bags!

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Anyone with a fur baby is invited to go. Those who wish to attend can meet in John Hendry Park from noon to 4 PM on Sunday, March 10. This is where the cuteness will insue. 

In the past, dogs have shown up in their best attire. Whether that's a new collar or an adorable cute costume, make sure you come looking your best.

In case you needed more of an excuse to get groomed and pampered, there will be a group photo at the end. According to the Facebook event organizers, there will be a group photo of all the dogs and their owners at around 2 PM so be sure to stay until then.  

Don't worry if you don't have a pooch, you're still more than welcome to come and ogle at the cuteness of it all. Just make sure you ask permission before you pet any of the good boys and girls. 

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This weekends weather is expected to be a high of 8° with clear and sunny skies! Making it the perfect weekend for a massive dog meet-up. 

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Dogs, sunshine, and a local Vancouver park. These are the makings of a Sunday well spent!