Pamela Anderson Proves She Loves BC By Trying To Save A Popular Park From Development

Council will decide today what will come of the park.
Pamela Anderson Proves She Loves BC By Trying To Save A Popular Park From Development

The City of Port Moody is currently under pressure to cancel pending plans to turn Bert Flinn Park into a traffic corridor. Not only have residents come together to start a petition and hold protests, but they’ve also gained some celebrity support for their cause. Pamela Anderson B.C. activist has joined in the fight to save the Port Moody park.

A British Columbia native herself, Anderson is proving just how much she loves the province through her commitment to saving the park.

On Monday, October 7, 2019, Pamela Anderson released a letter on PETA’s website addressed to The Honorable Rob Vagramov, Mayor of Port Moody and the Councillors of Port Moody. “I love BC and will always consider it home,” she began. “I’m writing to urge you to scrap plans for building any future road through the park,” the letter continued.

On a website entitled Save Bert Flinn Park where one can find the petition in the park’s favour and information on the cause, the matter at hand is explained. According to the website, the City of Port Moody is awaiting plans from developers regarding the construction of a road through Bert Flinn Park, Port Moody’s largest urban park.

It is certainly not up to us to determine what the correct move is for the City of Port Moody, but it is up to us to share with you what Pam Anderson has to say about it. 

In her short written address to the Mayor and Councillors of Port Moody, Anderson asks that they consider the wildlife in the area. She also uses this instance to shed light on “the global struggle between unsustainable development and the ethical imperative to protect nature and its many inhabitants.”

She closes her letter by asking the letter’s recipients to reconsider their position on the development of the park and “become leaders in animal and environmental protection.” She concludes by saying that she and her friends at PETA look forward to a response. 

Pamela Anderson is known for many things, from her acting and modelling to her activism. Anderson even founded her own foundation, The Pamela Anderson Foundation. The PAF has been in operation for over 25 years and places focus on human, animal, and environmental rights, according to the website. The foundation has received several awards including the International Peoples Choice award. 

Though the fight to save Bert Flinn Park has been in effect for decades, the cause is garnering some serious attention lately. In addition to Pamela Anderson's letter, Dr. David Suzuki also spoke up on the matter in 2018. Suzuki’s letter spoke to his disappointment that the construction of the park is still being considered.

There is a Port Moody Council meeting set for today, October 8, 2019, to discuss the development of Bert Flinn Park.

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