The 90s were a beautiful time. Whether it be through fashion or pop culture, it seems like everyone is trying to relive the best decade ever. On Twitter, #PastTimesFromThe90s is trending in Vancouver and we are not mad about it at all. From slap bracelets to Furby, everyone is mentioning their favourite things about the 90s and the nostalgia is real. 

Us millennials can’t help but relive our childhoods every day. 

From pop-up 90s bars to Disney +, society is selling us our childhood all over again and we are totally here for it. 

Recently, a new hashtag has been trending on Vancouver Twitter that has everyone who grew up in the 90s saying “I remember that.”

#PastimesFromThe90s is the latest trend to be taking over the internet and it is showcasing everything we used to do as kids. 

Going through the tweets is bringing back a lot of old and fond memories and it's the perfect little break from reality. 

We went through a bunch of tweets for you and came up with some that will hit you right in the sentimentality. 

If you don’t remember any of these toys or activities then we hate to say it, but you may be too young. 

Ring Toss Anyone?

If you didn’t spend hours playing with and yelling at this water ring toss game, then what did you do on road trips?

This game was the closest we ever came to having a handheld gaming console and if you didn't have one of your own, you likely knew exactly which friends did.

Be Kind Rewind 

Blockbuster is a foreign concept these days but when we were pre-teens, it was the Friday night go to. Just remember to rewind the tape before returning it.

The OG Thriller

We won’t lie, scary movies these days are great, but all real horror fans know that our love of being scared came from Goosebumps.

Whether you read one or all of the Goosebumps novels, these scary stories were enough to make you want to share your single bed with your sibling.

Our First Pet 

If you didn’t accidentally kill one or several Tamagotchis, did you even have a childhood?

These pesky and lovable creatures were impossible to keep alive and you never knew what they wanted, but they sure were fun.

It’s Probably Watching You 

Everyone had a Furby. These things were iconic and also extremely weird. Did anyone really know what they were?

Was it just ours, or did they all laugh in the middle of the night?

Either way, a true staple of the 90s.

They Hurt But They Look Cool 

Slap bracelets were the pinnacle of fashion. Stronger than a police baton, these bracelets needed to be literally slapped onto your skin in order for it to wrap around your wrist.

But what’s a couple of bruises in the name of fashion?

What Backstreet Boy Am I Going To Marry?

Teen magazines were everywhere growing up. Teen People, Tiger Beat, and Cosmo Girl were a necessity for every young person's backpack.

Whether you were chilling with your friends at recess or just needed to pass time on the bus home from school, you needed to know what kind of platform shoe you were and these babies always had your back.

Lets Blade

Rollerblading was the only way to get around back in the day. We all felt like rockstars on these things until we encountered a gravel patch.

Our School Bus Never Did That 

Miss Frizzle was the teacher we all wanted. Her crazy antics made science actually worth learning about. Plus, that school bus was boss.