TransLink BC Reveals Pictures Of Their First-Ever Double-Decker Buses Coming To Vancouver (PHOTOS)

They are double the capacity of a regular bus!
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TransLink BC Reveals Pictures Of Their First-Ever Double-Decker Buses Coming To Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Last year, TransLink BC announced that they would be trying out double-decker buses as part of a pilot project. Now, photos of Translink's new double-deckers set to hit Vancouver have finally been released for the first time ever and they look amazing! Here’s what we know so far. 

According to the TransLink BC website, the company announced in March of 2018 that they would be trying out a pilot project to add double-decker buses by mid-2019. 

Altogether, there would be 32 new buses delivered to various locations around the province, including White Rock, Delta, Langley, and Vancouver. 

During the announcement of the pilot project, TransLink saw over 600 customers fill out surveys regarding the new buses. Results indicated that the buses would be a valuable addition and would increase capacity and comfort. 

A report found that about 75% of people would be more likely to take transit if a double-decker option was available. Now, that's about to become a reality. 

According to a tweet by TransLink BC, the double-decker buses are on their way to metro Vancouver and they look huge! Painted the iconic blue and yellow, they look like any ordinary bus, just twice the size. 

Once the buses arrive in the city, they will undergo inspection and testing before hitting the roads. They are anticipated to be in service sometime this fall. 

The pilot project announcement has stated that the double-deckers will have double the capacity of a regular bus. They will also all have panoramic views from the top deck, a wide staircase, screens to see vacant seating, and a fully accessible floor ramp. 

Needless to say, the buses look amazing! This will be the first timethat  Vancouver has ever had public transportation in this form. Move over, England! 

No exact date has been set for when these buses will roll out. In the meantime, be sure to check the TransLink BC website for more information and to stay updated on the project. 

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