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A Family Of Orcas Was Spotted Swimming Together In Canada During Rare Sighting (VIDEO)

Canada is a beautiful place full of wildlife. When you live in the cities, sometimes you may have to venture out to see what nature has to offer. Sometimes though, you're lucky enough that nature comes straight to you. This was the case recently in Metro Vancouver, when a pod of killer whales was seen in North Vancouver in a rare sighting.  

Yesterday on April 23, a family of orcas made their way close to shores near North Vancouver and the videos are incredible. Witnesses of the surreal encounter were shocked by their surprise and rare appearance, and lucky for us, caught it all on video, so that we can all experience the unique moment. 

It all started when a First Nations tourism company, Takaya Tours, posted two videos of the rare sighting on their Instagram yesterday. "Takaya Tours was overjoyed to see a family of killer whales between Cates Park and Belcarra," read the caption of one of the videos. According to them, this orca family was swimming through the Indian Arm in North Vancouver.

The Vancouver Police Department Marine Unit also posted a number of photos of the killer whale encounter on their Twitter yesterday. They used this as an opportunity to remind people to keep a distance from the wild animals.

"The whales we see in the water are amazing but remember that there are rules regarding how close boats can be to these mammals," reads the tweet. "All vessels should keep at least 200 meters away from killer whales."

Check out the surreal, rare footage of the pod of killer whales swimming in Metro Vancouver below!

Just last week, another rare killer whale sighting happened right in the Vancouver harbour. Before it, there hadn't been any sightings like it in the city for several years, according to the Vancouver Sun.

So make sure to keep your eyes peeled when you're chilling by the waterfront in Vancouver, because you never know what surreal surprise could be coming your way. 

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