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Police Confirm There Are Currently 200 Unsolved Human Remains Cases In BC

Police have confirmed that there are currently 200 unsolved human remains cases in BC.

There are countless unsolved cases all over Canada. In BC, police have confirmed that there are nearly 200 unsolved cases involving the discovery of human remains. These 200 cases have taken place in BC over the past 60 years and all currently remain unsolved. In hopes of solving some of these crimes, officials have released an interactive map that shows Canadians where all of the remains were found and a brief description of each crime.  

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The BC Coroners Service has launched a new interactive map showing where unidentified human remains have been discovered all over the province, in hopes that new tips regarding unsolved cases will come in. All of the pinned locations on the map represent the unsolved cases. According to the map, there are currently nearly 200 reported human remains cases that remain unsolved. 

Each pin on the map symbolizes where human remains were found. All of the pins are accompanied with information known by police which can include the height and weight of the deceased person, their gender, what they were wearing at the time of discovery, and an approximation of when that person died. 

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Over the past 60 years, nearly 200 people have been found across BC. The remains vary and can be anything from a washed up foot or bone fragment, to an entire decomposed body. Some of the pins also come with accompanying photos or sketches of the deceased individuals. 

Via BC Government

Each pin is colour coated to represent the gender of the found remains. According to the map, an overwhelming majority of the remains were from males. There are also some pins on the map where the gender is unknown.

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The dates and times of the cold cases date back nearly 60 years. The oldest cold case on the map dates all the way back to 1953. This Vancouver case involved the discovery of skulls from two young boys that were buried alongside a hatchet.

A majority of the found remains were in the Lower Mainland. There are also many along the provinces major highways and shorelines, as tides tend to wash up body parts. 

Via BC Government

Andy Watson, a spokesperson for the coroner's service, told CBC that they are embracing technology in order to make things better for the families that are left without answers. Watson has stated that the descriptions under each pin could help jog someone's memory that could then solve the case. 

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The BC Corners Service has also released a map of all the shoes and feet that have washed up on shore in hopes of being identified. According to the BC government, 15 human feet have washed up on BC shorelines since August 2007. Of those feet, 10 have been matched to a missing person with the other five remaining unidentified. 

Via BC Government

Click here to view the interactive map.