Police are getting more creative in coming up with ways to catch distracted drivers. Recently, police in Vancouver have been reportedly riding public buses in order to catch distracted drivers in the act. Be careful, Vancouver! There may be a cop looking right at you and you wouldn't even know it. 

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A Reddit user recently posted a picture of a police officer in the Vancouver area riding in a bus in order to catch distracted drivers. This is the latest tactic done by police in order to eliminate the use of cellphones when driving. This is a tactic that is being used by many officers across Canada, where they sit on the bus and watch through the windows to see if drivers on the road are texting while driving! So clever.

Since the picture was posted on Reddit, tons of people have been commenting and it seems like the general consensus is that people are all for it if it brings safety to the streets. 

Yesterday, Reddit user Sageofprofession posted the image of the police officer. According to the post, the officer was on the bus for several hours catching distracted drivers. In the time that the Reddit user was on the bus, they saw the police officer catch and pull over two distracted drivers. 

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According to the post, the police officer would radio in to another officer on the road when he saw a distracted driver. The other officer would then issue the driver the appropriate ticket. 

Saw this officer on the bus several hours ago. Saw him catch at least two distracted drivers and get them pulled over.


Via Sageofprofession | Reddit.com

This is not the first time something like this has been done. In the Okanagan, RCMP officers used this bus tactic quite a bit during their distracted driving campaign. RCMP officers would stand in a shuttle bus where they had a bird's eye view of the drivers. They would then call in the distracted driver to another officer who would catch up to the offender and issue the appropriate ticket. 

Police are continually thinking of new and creative ways to catch driving violators. A recent tactic that was done by the Delta Police Traffic Unit was to disguise themselves as regularly dressed people. Since they did not look like a cop, people were not concerned about following the rules. 

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New Coquitlam RCMP Traffic Officer does not sleep and works for free. https://t.co/weMMamxYsw pic.twitter.com/CMqRyL2og0

September 18, 2018

RCMP officers have also enforced driving rules without even being there. Recently, RCMP officers in Coquitlam started using cardboard cutouts of Mounties in an attempt to slow drivers down in busy areas. The cardboard cutout so appropriately named Cst. Scarecrow and looks shockingly like a real police officer!

These tactics are crazy but they all work. People in the comment section of the Reddit post have been applauding the police offices actions. Lots of people are sick of seeing distracted drivers as it puts their life at risk. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Yesterday, the BC Supreme Court ruled that having a cellphone loose in your car no longer counts as distracted driving. A phone in a cup holder or on the passenger seat does not count as disrupted driving. Police officers will now be looking for people who are using their phone. 

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In BC, first-time violators will pay an extra penalty fee of $210. The ticket itself will cost about $368 and will also add four driver penalty points to your driver record.