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Police Officer Accused Of Performing Indecent Acts Near An All Girls Private School In Vancouver

A police officer has been arrested for performing a series of indecent acts at an all girls school in Vancouver.

Earlier this week, a police officer in Canada was arrested for allegedly performing a series of incident acts near an all-girls private school in Vancouver. The unnamed officer that is responsible for the acts has been suspended with pay. Since the incident was made public, people have been sharing their disappointment with the police force and questioning how this could happen.

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On the afternoon of March 12, 2019, the Vancouver police arrested an RCMP officer in connection to a series of indecent incidents. The details surrounding the incidents have not been disclosed and Vancouver police are remaining relatively hush around the entire situation. 

When asked, the Vancouver police did not confirm that the arrested individual was a Mountie. However, Dawn Roberts, an RCMP spokeswoman, did confirm that the suspect was a fellow RCMP officer. 

While the name of the individual remains under wraps, Global has released that the RCMP officer is from Richmond and was off-duty at the time of the incidents. 

Many details surrounding the matter have remained private; however, it has been released that the RCMP officer was accused of performing a series of indecent acts while off duty. The acts allegedly took place in the same neighbourhood where York House private school is located in Vancouver. This private school is an all-girls school that teaches students from kindergarten to grade 12. 

According to Global, Vancouver police have noted that this investigation dates several back months with many students reporting that a man in a black SUV would pull up beside them and expose himself before speeding away. 

At this time, the suspect has not been named as charges have not been laid yet. An internal code of conduct investigation has begun. 

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It has been confirmed that the Mountie has been suspended with pay for the time being. The officer, although not working, has been released on several undisclosed conditions. 

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Many people are wondering how something like this could happen. Others are worried about the safety of the students and are questioning why the Mountie’s name has not been released. 

WTF? #Mountie arrested after "several female students reporting a man in a black SUV pulling up beside them and exposing himself before driving away." https://t.co/bda3QUBJxU

March 14, 2019

Wow. #rcmp officer arrested for exposing himself AGAIN to teen girls at a school in Vancouver. Why should we respect these piece of shit cops? #ACAB #vancouver

March 14, 2019

Why can't the CBC get more on this news story, are the RCMP That above the Rule of Law, "Mountie arrested in connection with indecent acts outside of York House school"https://t.co/50VkNOrTY6

March 14, 2019