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Magical Rainbow Unicorn Bagels Exist & You Can Get Them Delivered In Vancouver

Add colour to your brunch! 🌈

Breakfast never looked so good. If unicorns are your spirit animal, then we found a food you will want to try. You can get magical rainbow bagels in Vancouver delivered to your door and it's the best way to bring a little fun and whimsy to your breakfast table.

Did you wake up to find your cupboard only has an empty box of cereal? In your sleepy state, the last thing you'll want to do is rush to the grocery store to get food.

Instead, you can get a breakfast feast delivered that is super Instagrammable.

Rosemary Rocksalt is known for its extraordinary Montreal-style bagels that are handmade. While all the flavours they make are delicious, their rainbow ones will brighten up your morning.

Each one has all the colours in the rainbow like bright purple, aqua, green, and pink. As if that didn't sound dreamy enough, the shades are swirled together, so each one has a unique design.

Enjoy a satisfying bite of these bagels is simple as they do take-out and they're on Uber Eats. Just make sure you order from their Commerical Drive location as that is the only one currently offering the rainbow bagels. Single rainbow bagels are $2.65 each.

If you need a bigger burst of colour in your life than just wearing the same sweatshirt every day, then treat yourself to the most intensely coloured food you've ever tried this weekend.

While you are adding items to your digital shopping cart, don't forget about cream cheese. You can get classics like regular or strawberry, but they also have fun ones like sriracha lime.

Or if brunch is more your thing, you can click on their grocery section to find everything you need to make bagels and lox.

It would be a good idea to order some extra groceries. There are plenty of shops that offer free shipping, so you don't need to run out of food again.

Rosemary Rocksalt

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Bagels

Why You Need To Go: You can order rainbow bagels to be delivered to your home.