The province put out the call for retired B.C. doctors, nurses, and health care workers to sign up and join the fight against COVID-19. Just weeks later, hundreds have already signed on. Not only that, but the province now has a ton of supplies with which to battle the virus, and it looks like the province is full of heroes.

In a conference Thursday, March 28, B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix thanked the thousands of health care workers taking up their stethoscopes one last time.

All in all, 26 doctors, 248 nurses, and many care aids have "joined and rejoined in support of health care facilities," said Dix.

Speaking for the provincial government, Dix said: "We appreciate how much that demonstrates our shared commitment and the extraordinary commitment of all health care workers to people in B.C."

Dix also said that as of Thursday, March 26, the province has 3,903 free hospital beds. The current occupancy is just 63.6%.

Earlier, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry updated the provincial COVID-19 count, confirming 66 new cases in the province. This brings the total up to 725.

Thankfully, there haven't been any new deaths.

Out of the current cases, a total of 66 are in the hospital. 26 of them are in intensive care.

The province first called for their retired health care workers to return, just in case the number of COVID-19 infections grows too large for B.C. to handle.

B.C. usually recruits people from other provinces. But other provinces have enough on their plates, so B.C. looked to retired health care workers to help.

All in all, it's really heartening to see such a huge response from the community stepping in to help. And the city is sure to let them know they're appreciated.

While the number of hospitalizations has hovered around 60 for the past few days, Henry says we must still be cautious.

"I don't dare hope at this point," she said. "We're still in the incubation period from when we first started putting in these measures."

Between making sure we have enough doctors and announcing a public health emergency, B.C. has already done a ton to prepare for the pandemic.