It's hockey night in Riverdale! The Riverdale cast at a Vancouver Canucks game was the exact sprinkle of Canadian pride we needed today. It was even Madelaine Petsch and Charles Melton's first hockey game experience.

Petsch and Melton were joined by Casey Cott and Ottawa born Vanessa Morgan on a Wednesday night outing to cheer for the team.

On her Instagram story, Morgan shared a video of the four castmates out for dinner before the game.

Her next video caught the pals walking to the Rogers Arena where she shared that "it's Mad's first NHL game" and in the background, Petsch says, "don't, you're not allowed to say that, come on."

Her next video shows them seated in the arena while an excited Melton waves his arms. She added the caption, "@melton really wants that shirt" presumably referencing the two men wearing Canucks jerseys in front of him.

Morgan also shared that she "Bought a hat. Officially a Canuck".

She caught a snap of Cott and Melton sporting matching Canucks hats too.

But who was Morgan cheering for last night? She posted a zoomed-in video on 21-year-old Elias Pettersson, who's played for the Canucks since 2017.

Over on Petch's Instagram, she shared a video of the arena writing, "What is this". In another video with Cott, she admitted, "I really don't know what's going on right now." Cott chimes in to say, "we're teaching her sports."

Her next video is captioned, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND." We feel you, Petsch.

Melton was in the zone and was caught by both Morgan and Petsch doing the Macarena to background music "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)".

Though he looked totally in his element, he also admitted on an Instagram post that he was on "2 hours of sleep. At my first hockey game. #canucks". 

Cott shared a story cheering on the Vancouver team with his three pals. 

Sadly, it seems the Riverdale cast wasn't the Canucks' good luck charm last night because they lost 4-2 against the Arizona Coyotes in their home arena.

Vancity is their temporary home while filming for Riverdale is underway. Currently filming its fourth season, What's Filming claims that production will continue until April 4 after beginning in July 2019. 

They even film in areas that you can totally visit if you live nearby.