Riverdale Fans Can Eat At The Actual Diner Where The Pilot Was Filmed Near Vancouver

One strawberry milkshake coming right up!
Riverdale Fans Can Eat At The Actual Diner Where The Pilot Was Filmed Near Vancouver

Every Riverdale fan knows that the dark and moody take on the Archie comics is filmed right here in Vancouver. You can make the pilgrimage to the very diner where they filmed the pilot episode for the series. Just outside of Vancouver in Mission, Rocko's Diner is the real-life Pop's Chocklit Shop from Riverdale—at least in the first episode! 

A trip out to Rocko's Diner is the perfect day trip, mini-getaway or fan pilgrimage. These days, with Riverdale in its third season, all the scenes at Pop's take place on a purpose-built set at a studio in Langley. The set looks like it was heavily based on Rocko's Diner. This place originally opened up in 1956 as the 'Hi-lite Burger Bar' and was rebranded in the '80s to Rocko's Diner. Whether you're sat at a booth or perched at the counter, there are so many photo ops here for you to get the ultimate retro-diner vibes for your Instagram page. 

They serve up massive milkshakes, burgers and fries, and tons of pancakes all day long! There are more than 40 different milkshake flavours you can get including Tutti-Fruitti, Apple Pie, Toasted Marshmallow and Cookies and Cream. You will definitely want to bring your squad or your s/o with you to this old-school diner for a night out or just as a fun day trip.

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You can find Rocko's Diner at 32786 Lougheed Highway in Mission. It's about an hour and a half drive from Vancouver. They're open 24 hours a day and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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