Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Just Celebrated Cole Sprouse's Birthday On Top Of A B.C. Mountain

This is what "living your best life" looks like.
Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Just Celebrated Cole Sprouse's Birthday On Top Of A B.C. Mountain

How would you like to be flown to a mountaintop for dinner with your loved one and a cute English bulldog for your birthday? Well, that's precisely what Riverdale's Cole Sprouse experienced this past weekend for his 26th birthday.

Cole shared this birthday adventure with his co-star, and all but confirmed girlfriend, Lili Reinhart. According to Lili's Instagram story, the two boarded the private helicopter with local celebrity pilot Bradley Friesen and his trusty English bulldog, Bentley.

They were flown over Vancouver's jaw-dropping cityscape, past crystal clear lakes and jagged glaciers. They then stopped on a remote mountaintop to enjoy charcuterie and a view they're unlikely to forget.

After what was sure to be an incredible evening, they were flown back over the city to watch the finale of Vancouver's Celebration of Light, a fireworks show featuring an incredible display put on by South Korea.

What a way to finish off a birthday, right?

Best birthday party I’ve ever been invited to! (Sorry @lord_munch, yours was up there.) Dinner at 7000’, a mini airshow on a mountain peak, then fireworks from over the city. 10/10 would birthday party again!

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Cole is clearly a fan of flying around with Bradley Friesen as he's been featured in shots with him and Bentley before. This friendship has allowed him to venture to isolated locations that only a few pilots dare to land in. But the reward may be worth the risk as Cole gets to explore some of the most mesmerizing sites that B.C. has to offer.

Lili and Cole aren't the only stars from Riverdale who have flown with Bradley and Bentley. Jordan Connor and Drew Ray Tanner were also photographed exploring an ice-cave with the cute little bulldog who has an Instagram following that rivals their own.

Though just about anyone can book a helicopter ride up over Vancouver, Whistler, and the picturesque mountains that surround them, booking with Friesen and Bentley only works if you know him. He used to fly commercially, but now he just takes his friends up for photoshoots, videos for his incredible Youtube channel, and private experiences like the one that Lili and Cole shared on August 4th.

This was clearly a birthday to remember. Here's hoping that Cole's identical twin, Dylan, got to do something equally as fantastic with his alleged girlfriend, Barbara Palvin. But, then again, they aren't up here in Hollywood North.