Life in Vancouver is pretty sweet. This lush, oceanside city thriving with culture is easy to love and hard to leave. However, since we’re now entering an 8-month period of near-constant rain, it might be time to plan your escape!

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Chicago, Illinois

Price: $282

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Take a trip to Chi-town to catch a Cubs game, take your photo with the Chicago Bean and explore this gorgeous lakeside city. Chicago has great architecture and a rich history, so if you're into art galleries and museums then this you should definitely check it out! Plus, the food here is unreal so make sure you bring your stretchy pants.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Price: $385

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You better move fast if you want in on Iceland Air's insane pricing. Iceland is home to iconic geothermal hot springs, volcanos and wild landscapes. I can't believe that you can fly from Vancouver to Iceland for less than $400 but if you want to go to Ottawa your flight will be about $500. How is that fair?

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Calgary, Alberta

Price: $190

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While Calgary might not be the most exciting or exotic destination on this list, it's worth getting in on this deal for a flight that's less than $200. Calgary has amazing parks around the 'Bow river and tons of funky neighbourhoods to explore. Wearing a cowboy hat here is totally optional!

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Price: $300

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Explore Louisianna on the cheap! New Orleans has amazing music, old architecture and it's a total cross-section of cultures here from the French and African histories and influences that play out here. Check out the French Quarter and Bourbon Street to see the side of New Orleans you always see in the movies!

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Cancún, Mexico

Price: $292

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Canadians can't get enough of the sugary soft sandy beaches and tropical cocktails they find at Mexico's resorts! Dust off your swimsuit and treat yourself to a sunny getaway.

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Orlando, Florida

Price: $290

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Orlando is home to the greatest amusement parks in the world. Plan a visit to Disneyland with your friends to maximize the fun you'll have on vacation! Even if you're not into rides, there's so much to see and do in Orlando. If you're not into Disney, then check out Universal Studio's Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Price: $328

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Sun and surf await! Hawaii has incredible food, coffee and beaches. Hawaii offers adventure and relaxation so no matter what kind of vacation you're into, you're guaranteed to have a good time in Honolulu.

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Los Angeles, California

Price: $234

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Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, palm trees and movie stars. Get a dose of California on a trip to L.A. where you can check out the hot food and fitness trends before they make their way up to Vancouver.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Price: $261

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Mexico's most famous beaches, nightclubs and restaurants are all found here at Puerto Vallarta. A visit here will fill up your Instagram with tropical vibes.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $261

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Craving the warmth of the desert? Phoenix is a hot destination, both literally and figuratively. There are incredible hiking trails, rooftop bars and a hip underground art scene. At this price, it makes a great weekend getaway.

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Montreal, Quebec

Price: $380

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Brush up on your French and book a trip to Montreal ASAP. This city is way larger than Vancouver and it has so much to see! Montreal is a foodie paradise. You'll find coffee shops that serve seven different kinds of plant-based milk, old-school bagel shops and so much more.

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New York City, New York

Price: $365

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Does anyone need to be convinced to visit New York City? The city is home to world-class art, food and architecture. There's no shortage of stuff to do here! Around every corner, you'll find a building or a spot that you recognize from the movies. Don't forget to check out Queens and Brooklyn while you're in New York and ride on the Staten Island Ferry to get a closer look at Lady Liberty.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Price: $332

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Outside of the picture-perfect resorts, Mexico City is a vibrant spot to explore. You'll find the country's best museums, colonial architecture and art in Mexico City. Imagine sipping on tequila Prohibition-era speakeasy and eating tacos to your heart's content!

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Atlanta, Georgia

Price: $262

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ATL is the place to go for amazing Southern food, underground hip-hop and world-class comedy. If you're into history, you'll also find a ton of cool things in Atlanta like Martin Luther King's house. Learn more about civil rights movements and fill up on amazing BBQ on your trip to Atlanta!

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Price: $260

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The little travel company known as Lonely Planet put Manitoba on their 'Best in Travel' list for 2019. It was the only place in Canada to make the cut. What do they know that we don't? Check out Manitoba's capital city to find out.

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Portland, Maine

Price: $375

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This is a really low price for a plane ride basically across the entire continent. Portland, Maine is a seaside town that's a little rough around the edges, but if you're game for an adventure, you'll be treated to fresh seafood and warm people.

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Toronto, Ontario

Price: $325

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Toronto, aka T.O., aka Drake's Hometown, is just a $325 flight away. Unlike Vancouver, Toronto really feels like a big city and it's got a whole different vibe. Don't miss out on the CN Tower, but make sure to spend more time exploring the trendy neighbourhoods in Toronto like Kensington Market and Upper Beaches.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $230

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Vegas is always a good idea. Even if you're not into your typical Vegas vices like drinking, gambling and clubbing—you'll enjoy stretching your legs walking along the famous Las Vegas strip and exploring the ungodly massive hotels and casinos. Many of the casinos have themes, hidden inter-hotel trams and pools waiting for you to discover!

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Miami, Florida

Price: $372 via

Climate change and sea level rise mean that Miami will be underwater soon, so get there as soon as you can to see this fantastical tropical city. You'll find a blend of Caribbean cultures in the art, food and music of Miami. Plus, the beaches are unreal so bring a beach read and a six-pack with you and soak up the Florida sun!

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Edmonton, Alberta

Price: $133

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It's rumoured that there's more to Edmonton than the West Edmonton Mall! When flights are this cheap to Edmonton, you should definitely book a trip to visit friends, see the historic Edmonton fort and the art gallery of Alberta.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Price: $289

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Boston is a fun town for sports fans, history buffs and foodies. Catching a ball game at Fenway Park is a must, but make sure to explore the city's other offerings. Also, you won't want to miss out on a real Boston cream pie!

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Nashville, Tennessee

Price: $295

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If you love music, then you have to put a visit to Nashville on your bucket list. Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Little Richard and Sheryl Crow are all from Nashville! Check out the city for yourself and catch a few shows while you're there.

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Anchorage, Alaska

Price: $364

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Anchorage is the place to be to explore wild, untamed landscapes and climb glaciers. This city is the gateway to Alaskan mountains and wilderness, so if you have a real sense of adventure, then book your ticket ASAP!

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San Diego, California

Price: $258

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Sunny San Diego is a chill Californian city that makes a great getaway from Vancouver. Get out on the ocean, drink up at the city's craft breweries and check out the local art scene. Plus, San Diego is close to Mexico so you'll probably find really good Mexican food here!

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Austin, Texas

Price: $260

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Austin is the cultural capital of Texas. You'll find incredible live music, surprisingly trendy shops and cafes as well as a thriving alternative culture. Fill up on tasty Southern food, BBQ and craft beers and fly back to Vancouver ready for your juice cleanse.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Price: $280

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Calling all snow bunnies! Salt Lake City is a cool ski and snowboard destination to check out this Winter. Utah has pretty amazing landscapes and even though it's not that far, you will not feel like you're anywhere close to B.C. when you take a trip here!

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Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Price: $340

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Even the most well-travelled Vancouverites rarely make it this far north! Get up close to the Northern Lights and discover more of the "True North" they're always talking about in our national anthem. Outdoor adventure and a spectacular nature show await you when you venture to Yellowknife.

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San Francisco, California

Price: $263

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Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Warf and Lombardo Street—San Francisco's iconic spots are worth checking out! This counter-cultural hub is also home to a graffiti district where you can check out street art. There is so much to see, both new and old, in San Francisco.

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Portland, Oregon

Price: $200

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Sure, you can drive or take the train to PDX, but when you don't get much time off work you can make the trip in just an hour by plane! Portland is pretty similar to Vancouver in that it has great coffee, bike culture and groovy bookstores. Their foodie scene is amazing and you won't want to miss out on the amazing brunch, burgers and beer you can find here.

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Washington, DC

Price: $290

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The capital of the United States makes a great travel destination because it's full of historic monuments, museums, parks and great food! Wander along the Washington Mall, check out the Lincoln Memorial and the capital building and explore its underground passages. There is so much ground to cover in Washington that the tourists you'll see groups of tourists on Segways!

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