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Ryan Reynolds Shares Adorable Baby Photo Of Him Swimming At Local Vancouver Pool In Canada

This photo of baby Ryan Reynolds enjoying a local Vancouver pool in Canada is too cute!
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Ryan Reynolds Shares Adorable Baby Photo Of Him Swimming At Local Vancouver Pool In Canada

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just like us. And just like us, they have adorable baby pictures! One of our favourite Canadian celebrities recently posted a baby photo of himself on Instagram and people are freaking out because not only is it so cute, but it is in a very recognizable Canadian location. The picture was posted by none other than famous Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and it shows him and all his glory swimming at a local paddling pool in Vancouver. If this isn't adorable than I don’t know what is!

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Yesterday, Reynolds posted a picture of himself as a baby taking in a very popular Vancouver amenity. Reynolds said on his Instagram post that this image was from a newspaper clipping from his hometown of Vancouver. Here, we can see little baby Reynolds in all his chubby glory. 

According to the post,Reynolds was 3-years-old at the time of the photo which dates the photo back to 1979. This adorable toddler soon to be a celebrity is seen taking in the sun at a very famous watering hole. According to the photo he was enjoying the water at Kits Community Centre wading pool. 

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This pool is still in operation and can be found at 2690 Larch Street in Vancouver. So if you want to go see where baby Ryan Reynolds spent his childhood, you very well can!

Underneath the newspaper photo, you can see a caption with his name and age. It is also followed by a statement of where Reynolds lives at the time. According to the newspaper, Reynolds lived at 2382 Oliver Crescent. 

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As Reynolds so sarcastically pointed out, it was a very smart idea to stop putting the address of small children in a public newspaper. “Think it’s smart they discontinued the ‘wanna know where this child lives?’ section," writes Reynolds. 

So far, the throwback picture has over 1,200,000 likes. The comment section is also going crazy! A majority of people are very happy that the newspaper no longer puts out the address of young children… I guess things were different back then. 

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While Reynoldshas not given out the name of the newspaper that posted the photo, we are just glad that it happened. 

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