Sandra Bullock Spotted Filming Her New Netflix Project In Vancouver This Week (PHOTOS)

She was spotted in a hairnet and bright yellow apron.
Sandra Bullock Was Spotted In Vancouver

There seems to be a neverending list of projects filming in Canada at any given time. Just yesterday, Sandra Bullock was spotted in Vancouver working on her latest movie. According to the Vancouver Sun, the film is still untitled but will be filming in the city until April of this year.

IMDb says that Bullock will play the role of Ruth Slater, "a woman released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent crime and re-enters a society that refuses to forgive her past."

The untitled Netflix project has a star-studded cast including Jon Bernthal (Ford v Ferrari), Vincent D'Onofrio (Law & Order:  Criminal Intent), Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder), Richard Thomas (Stephen King's It), and Aisling Franciosi (The Nightingale).

What's Filming reports that production on the film began on February 3. Since then, Vancouverites have spotted Bullock out and about in the city on numerous occasions—most recently was yesterday, February 12.

One tweet revealed that the crew spent the day in Chinatown. Patrons were still able to go about their business in the area without any interruptions.

"Nice that the crew lets regular people go about their business. Favour returned, we got our food and quietly left without bothering Sandra Bullock," they shared on Twitter.

Another spectator got a glimpse of Bullock hard at work, commenting that she "looks the part" of her latest role.

Other photos of the actress surfaced on Twitter on February 10, where she's pictured in a hairnet and bright yellow apron.

A release date for Bullock's project has yet to be revealed, but it's likely that the actress will be spotted around the city more and more in the coming months as filming continues.

Vancouver is loaded with stars this spring, it seems. Emilio Estevez will also be in the area over the next few months, working on the Disney+ Mighty Ducks reboot. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!