It's always really exciting when Hollywood celebrities are spotted in Canadian cities. Some of the most popular places celebs seem to love going are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, which are also big places for movies and TV shows to be filmed. Vancouver has also produced quite a few famous Hollywood actors including Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, and Finn Wolfhard so it's a pretty prominent place. It's not really surprising when those entertainers go back to their Canadian homes to visit family and take a break, but it is interesting when American celebrities visit. So, Sandra Bullock's Vancouver spotting will get you excited if you live in the area.

According to the Daily Hive, Bullock was seen having lunch in a private room at a restaurant called Black + Blue. The four-star steakhouse is located on Alberni Street in the downtown core. Of course, this very successful restaurant is suitable for any celebrity and Daily Hive described it as a "popular three-level steakhouse known for is luxe decor, rare cuts of beef, and stunning outdoor rooftop patio." And if you're curious, they also reported that a source told them Bullock enjoyed the "salmon feature" for lunch. 

Maybe she was checking out the home town of her The Proposal co-star, Ryan Reynolds.

The luxurious restaurant is well known for its steaks but is definitely priced for the affluent. According to their dinner menu online, a french onion soup will cost you $15 and a beef wellington is a whopping $42. But they also have a pretty reasonable daily lunch menu with different features including a burger and beer on Fridays, fish & chips on Wednesdays, and a jerk chicken sandwich on Thursdays that all cost only $14. 

It's unclear why Bullock is in the Vancouver area as her IMDb page doesn't list any current productions that she's working on. Her last acting role was in Netflix's Bird Box, which sparked so much attention and was the number one most-watched original this year. 

Bullock doesn't have any social media, so we can't even check-in to see if she posts herself enjoying the fall weather in Vancouver but keep your eyes peeled if you live in the area.

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